Samsung teams with BTS for special edition Galaxy S20+ and Buds+

Calling all BTS fans: get ready to step up your Army game with some new merchandise — particularly a smartphone. On July 9, which marks the seventh anniversary since the fandom first received its name, Samsung is releasing a BTS-edition Galaxy S20+.

On the outside, the special edition S20+ features a glass back in the signature BTS purple complete with a purple heart design on the camera module. In the box, you’ll also get stickers that you can use to decorate the phone.

Samsung has also thrown in some photo cards of the band members to hang on your wall or maybe carry with you in your wallet (I don’t judge). Read More

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Garmin Fenix 7: what we want to see

The Garmin Fenix 7 probably won’t land before around August 2020, so unsurprisingly we haven’t heard much about it yet, but it’s almost certainly coming and we certainly have ideas of what we want from it.

Below you’ll find information on the likely release date and price, plus speculation on the features and improvements that will be offered, and below that a list of the things we really want to see from it.

And make sure to check back regularly, as we’ll be updating this article with all the news, leaks and rumors until the Garmin Fenix 7 range is released. Read More


Samsung teams up with BTS for special edition S20+ and Galaxy Buds+

Samsung is hoping to court K-Pop fans in the market for a new phone or new wireless earbuds with a BTS collaboration. The Korean tech giant has teamed up with the K-Pop superstars to release a special edition Galaxy S20+ and a pair of special edition Galaxy Buds+ featuring the band’s logo and the purple hearts design that BTS is known for using.

The S20+ 5G BTS Edition comes unlocked, is made of purple glass and metal, and ships pre-installed with BTS-inspired themes and K-Pop fan community platform, Weverse. Plus, fans are getting decorative stickers and photo cards of BTS members as a nice bonus. Read More

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Samsung’s latest special edition phone is a BTS-branded Galaxy S20 Plus

Samsung is no stranger to themed special-edition smartphones, having offered Galaxy phones emblazoned with Batman logos and Star Wars themes in the past. The latest collaboration is a Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition, with a matching set of Galaxy Buds Plus to go with it.

The Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition looks like Samsung’s regular flagship, but with a unique iridescent purple exterior (the color is heavily associated with the K-pop group) that has a BTS logo on the back and the band’s heart iconography on the camera array. Read More


Universal Quantum raises $4.5 million to build a large-scale quantum computer

Universal Quantum has raised $4.5 million as it emerges from stealth with plans to build a practical quantum computer that it claims will be far more powerful than current versions being developed by competitors.

Investors in this early-stage funding round include Hoxton Ventures, Village Global, Propagator VC, Luminous VC,  and 7percent. The company also disclosed that it has officially been spun out of the University of Sussex in the United Kingdom where Professor Winfried Hensinger and Dr. Sebastian Weidt founded it in 2018. Read More


The Covid-19 Economic Slump Is Closing Down Coal Plants

Although small, one analyst thinks the Minnesota battery experiment could be an energy game-changer. “It’s one speculative option,” says Jesse Jenkins, assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering at Princeton University, who studies the transition to zero-carbon energy. “It could totally fail, but it’s one example of a utility making a proactive bet.”

Meanwhile, Exelon, which operates six Mid-Atlantic and Midwest electric power utilities, is putting its green energy chips onto a new technology that recycles carbon dioxide to make natural gas plants burn cleaner. Where traditional gas-powered plants emit carbon dioxide as a byproduct of combustion, the NET Power plant outside Houston, Texas, recycles the excess carbon dioxide, turns it into a liquid or “supercritical” state, and then uses it to run the turbines that produce electricity. Any remaining liquid carbon dioxide can be stored underground or repurposed, such as being injected into carbonated beverages or used in chemical processes, rather than released into the atmosphere. Read More


How Impact Africa Network aims to change society via entrepreneurship, STEM, and innovation

Mark Karake is a Silicon Valley vet who returned to Nairobi to start Impact Africa Network, a startup studio that aims to create a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Impact Africa Network CEO Mark Karake

Andrew Kendungu via Impact Africa Network

Karake’s non-profit received attention from some big tech executives, including Jeff Wiener, executive chairman of LinkedIn. Karake outlined his experience as an African in Silicon Valley in a Medium post. Wiener called out the effort and donated. Impact Africa Network is also looking to land donors for sums as little as $20 a month to sustainably fund its projects. I think of Impact Africa Network as a subscription in social good. Read More


India’s Reliance Jio Platforms to sell $250 million stake to L Catterton – TechCrunch

Speaking of Reliance Jio Platforms, the top Indian telecom operator said on Saturday it has secured another investment.

L Catterton, a U.S. private equity firm will invest $250 million for a 0.39% stake in Jio Platforms, becoming the ninth investor to back the Indian firm at the height of a global pandemic.

L Catterton, a firm known to invest in consumer tech businesses, has backed dozens of young and established firms over the years including Peloton,  class=”crunchbase-link” href=”” target=”_blank” data-type=”organization” data-entity=”vroom-com”>Vroom, ClassPass, and PVR Cinemas. Read More


Beyoncé shares open letter calling for charges in Breonna Taylor case

Beyoncé Knowles published an open letter to Louisville attorney general Daniel Cameron on Sunday demanding that the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor be arrested and charged.

Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT and Louisville resident, was killed in March by Louisville police officers Jonathan Mattingly, Myles Cosgrove, and Brett Hankison, who were executing a no-knock search warrant at her home. Her boyfriend and neighbors have disputed the police’s assertion that, despite the no-knock warrant, they made themselves known before entering. Read More

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Call of Duty: Mobile finally proved to me why you’d want the Sony Xperia 1 II’s screen

A 21:9 aspect ratio is something we’ve seen on a variety of smartphones over the past two years. It makes your phone longer (and therefore more difficult to use day-to-day) but allows you to have a wider display for when you’re settling down to watch a widescreen video or play a game.

Time and time again I’ve heard from manufacturers that a widescreen display makes for a far better experience. I agree that it does when you’re specifically watching video or a myriad of other activities in landscape, but the switch to 21:9 makes it a more difficult phone to use when messaging and whatnot. Read More