Getting from point A to B should be easy, and with Blizwheel, we believe we’ve changed the game.

The Blizwheel e-scooter is fast, ultra light, and portable so you can take it with you everywhere. With its smooth ride and compact design, you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck in traffic or finding a parking space again.

Blizwheel e-scooters are 70% lighter than average e-scooters which makes it easy to carry around and even faster to ride.


Blizwheel is a 15.6-inch e-scooter that’s so compact, you can put it in your backpack or place it nicely in your desk drawer while you work.


When you’re not riding around, you can leave Blizwheel standing without needing to hold it. So if you need to stop by a store or use your phone while waiting for the train, you can comfortably do so.


Depending on your needs, Blizwheel can be folded completely to be carried around by its handle or halfway so you can tow it around on its wheel.


Safely maneuver the city with rear and front LED lights equipped with a fully functioning turn signal.


Tired of walking a long way for that “last mile”? Blizwheel can connect you much faster to your destination, after getting off at the bus stop, metro, or a distant parking lot. It’s also perfect to get around campus. Parking won’t be a problem –  just fold it up and take it with you inside.


Blizwheel is incredibly smooth to ride thanks to a special PU suspension, which gives it the same height clearance as larger scooters and makes it easier to turn.

But cutting corners isn’t an option in Blizwheel’s power. Its dual motors give greater speed and better acceleration. Blizwheel will become your all-around personal commute from bumpy, tight street corners to flat, open spaces.



By Editor