Epic Games’ #FreeFortnite Cup has 1,200 non-Apple prizes

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As for Epic, it sued Apple as a response and asked the court to force Apple to change its App Store policies. In particular, it wants the tech giant to take a smaller cut for in-app purchases and to change the rule that prevents developers from selling the same services outside of the App Store. A few days after the lawsuit was filed, Apple notified Epic that it will terminate all its developer accounts and cut the company off its iOS and Mac development tools on August 28th. Epic filed another lawsuit against the company, asking the court to stop it from pulling its developer tools.

True to its anti-Apple theme, the tournament features prizes intended to encourage players to use devices from brands other than Apple. Epic is giving away 1,200 pieces of gaming hardware, including the Alienware Gaming Laptop, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, OnePlus 8, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One X and Nintendo Switch, to the top players.

To participate, players can check the in-game Compete tab to see what time the Cup starts in their region. After the tournament begins, they have four hours to make their way to the top to win any of those devices and the Tart Tycoon Outfit: a skin featuring the Big Brother-like figure with an apple head that Epic used in its 1984 ad parody.

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