GameStop will get a cut of digital revenue from every Xbox it sells

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Loop Capital analyst Anthony Chukumba confirmed what Dopierala said, adding that GameStop will get a percentage of the revenue from every full game and DLC download, every microtransaction and every subscription made through an Xbox Series X or Series S it has sold through its stores. And since the original line in the PR mentions “lifetime revenue value,” it means the retailer will be receiving money from Microsoft throughout each console’s lifetime.

BWW Media Group executive editor Brad Sams first brought attention to the deal last week and noted Domo Capital’s confirmation:

How big GameStop’s cut is, however, remains a mystery. Neither GameStop nor Microsoft would reveal the details of their partnership, though Dopierala believes it could be anywhere from one to 10 percent of all digital revenue. Chukumba told Ars that it’s probably much smaller than that, because, well, Microsoft probably isn’t getting a lot out of the deal. “If they didn’t have this [arrangement], would they sell fewer Xboxes?” he said.

It’s also unclear if the deal would mean GameStop will push Xboxes more than PlayStations — that’s something we may find out next month when the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and S arrive.

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