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I was wondering what that sound was…. until I realized Paul was “Commentracing” while skating just a few meters behind, following us in full speed and providing real time narration as we raced the 3000 meter course in the Ken Sutter Memorial competition… Seems like this amazing feat was noted by others…

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::: Paul Byrne (AUS), Masters Speedskater and eldest brother of Australian World Team skater Mick Byrne, took live commentary to a new level this weekend in Melbourne… for Australia at least.
Between his own races, Paul was providing expert comments for the InlinePlus TV program – which was taping the Sunday races for later broadcast on Australian Channel 31.

Not enough to raise eyebrows… until the Masters skaters hit the track for their own races. Byrne’s commentary continued, as spectators realized he was making full use of his radio mic by commentating on (and in!) his own race. No headset, just a standard microphone and enough input from Paul to ensure his fellow racers tactical thinking was being broadcast live to air.

Picture: Paul Byrne (AUS, Eltham) – commentating – trails Andrea Winzor (AUS, Bayside) in the Masters event of the Ken Sutter Memorial competition in Melbourne, Australia
:: Picture Courtesy Jon Evans Images

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