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Cannatech platform providing personalized cannabis education and wellness to everyone.

My name is Darrell Humphries and I am one of the co-founders of Leafcard, an innovative cannatech company, and cannabis patient education support system.

Our company offers a platform for prospective patients by providing them with an easier path to get their medical cannabis cards, but also advocates for patient empowerment through nourishing cannabis education, and extends a benevolent hand through various philanthropic efforts.

Our mission came out of a need to expand provider access to underserved communities and patient populations while also lending a voice to rectify unfair legal punishments from non-violent crimes involving cannabis.

Our platform was started by a collection of pharmacists, software engineers, and cannabis advocates. We experienced many hardships early in life that would eventually become the catalysts for our mission-driven business model at Leafcard. After months of failed efforts, we validated an obvious shortcoming in the cannabis space that needed to be mended. We quickly learned that we were not alone and there were thousands of people in a similar position.

Our Awareness Of Social Impact

We have been lucky to build a smart team with diverse backgrounds and trades. All of our employees are passionate about Leafcard’s mission to help people and this combined effort fuels our social efforts.

One of these goals is our commitment to bettering underserved communities. Due to differences in societal status, there are people who suffer unfairly from law enforcement and even more so due to factors outside of their control. We provide resources for those that have been especially affected by the War on Drugs and support efforts to fix past convictions and results.

Our ultimate goal is to further help endorse and provide support for cannabis research and to help students in need of options to offset the costs of higher education. To give everyone a chance to take care of their health the way they desire, and to also give an opportunity to those who are disadvantaged.

Leafcard’s In-house Technology Platform

Aside from our humanitarian endeavors and innovative platform, one of our main goals is to provide accessibility. Using Leafcard, customers can make appointments for medical cannabis card certifications and personalized treatment plans over secure telemedicine consultations.

These sessions exist to provide an easier path to getting medical cannabis and individually designed treatment for those who desire a more specialized experience. Also, we want patients to feel comfortable with the information they are receiving on the platform because Leafcard is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Credible data is still hard to come by which is why education is another objective that we take on for our patients. Accessibility will not be limited to a physical product but will encompass knowledge as well. All of our educational content is backed by reputable sources and is reviewed for accuracy.

A lack of Access to Providers

As laws surrounding medical cannabis widely differ across the world and seem to be ever-changing, it’s difficult for many people to follow the strict procedures required to get certified to become cannabis patients. This is on top of how hard it is to even find availability in a doctor’s schedule to get a sincere consultation.

There was no reputable company that offered the services we offer today. The technology stack we built at Veriheal is designed to inform patients on new laws continuously, to make sure they are up to date.

The COVID-19 pandemic was interesting for us as telemedicine solutions skyrocketed in popularity as people were on lockdown. Cannabis consumption also remained very strong as it was largely deemed an essential business in many states.


This is our chance to help at-risk populations get the treatment they need, all by leveraging the technology we built. Our hard work is underway as Leafcard sets out to be the top cannatech platform!


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