How to Host a Virtual Networking Event your Guests Will Never Forget

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2-D virtual spaces where people can meet, move and talk just like in reality!

Networking plays a crucial role in expanding your business, getting more visibility and opportunities, and building connections in general. There are a number of ways to network like attending meetings, seminars, and conferences where like-minded people will be.

However, with everything going on in the world right now, sometimes taking your in-person networking events online is the most suitable solution for everyone.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can use oVice virtual space to organize amazing events.

Why Choose oVice as a Networking Event Venue

Every event host wants to provide the best networking environment for their guests to communicate and engage effectively. oVice lets you create custom-built virtual spaces to meet people as avatars and network just like in-person.

Talk like you’re really there!

The concept is very close to real-life behaviors in the way that you can walk around, control your voice/content display range, and it even gives you the freedom to either join group conversations you’d want to take part in or leave the ones that don’t bring you interest.

Watching a speaker for hours on end won’t hold people’s attention. oVice enables you to interact directly with the event hosts, and even have side-conversations with the people next to you!

oVice features customization that allows hosts, exhibitors, and sponsors to grant their own branding and style.

  1. Change the event space layout: update the free premade layout suitable for your event, upload your own layout design, or you can even make a request to our design team and we’ll create a custom-designed one just for you.
  2. Place static objects: add logos, animated banners, useful links, and some pickets to make the space more dynamic.
  3. Build meeting rooms: add lockable conference rooms within the event space for private meetings.
  4. Sort your guest list: add whitelisted emails, domains, and IP addresses, or even identify users through your personal app.

Godou Accelerator Program Event Use Case

YJ Capital Inc. Comment:

“In recent years, the number of such accelerators has been increasing, but awareness of each program and the value provided by each program has not yet spread. Furthermore, due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the opportunities for briefing sessions and casual consultations as in the past are decreasing. By holding a networking event at oVice virtual space where you can easily consult with multiple accelerators at once, we will provide startups with an opportunity to know the program suitable for their company, and contribute to the business growth of as many startups as possible. “

The event space layout above was customized by oVice.

  1. 8 booths were made for accelerators so the participants can move freely, ask questions, and connect with other people.
  2. They can also speak in a private meeting room if they don’t want other participants to hear their conversation. 
  3. If the person in charge is absent, participants would wait in the waiting space and speak in turn. Alternatively, they can join the coffee break area to socialize.
  4. In case any of the attendees want to make a request or struggling with something, they can reach out to the staff booth for help.

The way it simply works is that you rent a virtual space at oVice and we show you how to customize it to make it fit for your event theme.


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