Boston Dynamics robots (and a robot dog) break it down on the dance floor

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Creepy or cool? We’ll let you decide after watching Boston Dynamics’ latest video featuring several of its robots, and their dance moves.

Set to the Contours’ Do You Love Me, the choreographed moves are impressive (if a little bit alarming, and definitely mesmerizing). The dance starts with one of the robotics company’s bipedal robots. Pretty soon another shows up, and then robo-dog Spot steps in. Now everyone’s bopping to the catchy tune.

But wait: There’s more! Warehouse robot “Handle” makes an appearance, and soon all the robots are hopping, shaking, and backing it up, along with other classic dance moves. (Surprisingly, none of the bots break out the apropos ultra-classic “The Robot.”)

Boston Dynamics was acquired by Hyundai earlier this month in a $1.1 billion deal. These moves are what money can buy.

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