T-Mobile customers complain of widespread outages

Complete with dropped calls and an inexplicable lack of service, a widespread outage appears to be plaguing T-Mobile customers, and even customers of other cellular carriers including Verizon and AT&T. 

The outages monitoring website DownDetector showed outages across the U.S. on the T-Mobile network Monday afternoon. T-Mobile later confirmed the network was having “voice and data issues” on Twitter. Outages were concentrated in southern cities like Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, and Houston, but were also occurring in New York, Chicago, and California. 

Multiple Mashable staffers, who are T-Mobile customers, also experienced outages. Self-identified T-Mobile customers also complained of the outages on Twitter.

Although T-Mobile was trending on Twitter, and Down Detector shows nearly 100,000 reports of problems on T-Mobile, other cellular networks including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others also appeared to have problems. DownDetector is showing under 10,000 reports of problems for those networks, respectively.

Image: screenshot: rachel kraus / mashable 

T-Mobile’s president of technology, Neville Ray, confirmed the outage later on Monday. However, T-Mobile declined to provide more information about the cause of the outage, and whether it is isolated to T-Mobile, or is carrier wide.

Verizon and AT&T have said that reports of disruptions by customers don’t reflect problems on their networks. Instead, the companies say customers experiencing errors are likely trying to reach customers of “other carriers.” The shade.

Customers and internet sleuths have been speculating about the cause of the outages. Sprint and T-Mobile’s April merger could provide a clue: plans to begin giving 1 million Sprint customers access to the T-Mobile network Monday leaked on Reddit last Friday. One Twitter user said that T-Mobile’s Metro service explained the outages as part of an “upgrade.”

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