Unlock Netflix with CyberGhost (UK deal)

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Save 82%: A three-year subscription to is on sale £1.99 per month for Black Friday, and includes three extra months of coverage for free.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the best times to shop for deal on VPNs, but what are you supposed to do if an offer isn’t live throughout the shopping season? Should you jump on a deal or wait for something better?

CyberGhost VPN’s impressive Black Friday deal expires at midnight on Nov. 27, but what if something better is just around the corner? CyberGhost VPN could be readying a big deal for Cyber Monday, but waiting would be a risky game to play.

CyberGhost VPN’s Black Friday deal is so good that you shouldn’t worry about something better on the horizon. A three-year subscription to is on sale £1.99 per month, and includes three extra months of coverage for free. As an extra layer of protection against disappointment, this deal comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. So if something better does become available, you can always back out with your cash.

All plans come with access to over 6,000 servers, protection for up to seven devices at the same time, and apps for all your devices. Subscribers also get around the clock customer support to handle any potential problems.

Secure CyberGhost VPN’s best Black Friday deal before midnight on Nov. 27.

This is your last chance to secure CyberGhost VPN's Black Friday deal

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