Home Office Setup Guide: The Best Gear for Working at Home

Long before I was forced to stay indoors earlier this spring, I spent most of my time … indoors. I built a PC back in college (with the help of some friends), and ever since then I’ve continued perfecting my home office setup—switching desks, keyboards, monitors, and more.

When many of my friends and colleagues were forced to quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic, I realized most people don’t have a home office setup like mine. With many states reopening, more and more companies are considering permanent work from home solutions as well. So, my fellow folks privileged enough to work from home, below are some picks that might make that work more bearable. Most have been tested by WIRED’s Gear team, and we’re recommending others based on customer reviews across retailers, what other sites have to say, and our experience with the brands. Read More


Microsoft moves its Windows 10 Insider Program from rings to release channels – TechCrunch

For the last few years, Microsoft has given Windows enthusiasts the ability to opt in to early release ‘rings,’ with the choice to pick between ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ rings, as well as a relatively stable ‘release preview’ option. Today, the company announced a major change to this program as it is moving to release channels, similar to what you’re probably familiar with from most browser manufacturers.

“We are transitioning and converting our current ring model, based on the frequency of builds, to a new channel model that pivots on the quality of builds and better supports parallel coding efforts,” writes Microsoft principal program manager lead Amanda Langowski in a blog post today. Read More


Ted Cruz and Ron Perlman are in a strange Twitter fight about … wrestling?

Times are strange. Just look around.

So it shouldn’t be that much of a shock that Ted Cruz — a sitting U.S. senator — is doing his best to win a pissing match about wrestling with the actor who played Hellboy.

But still… it’s pretty strange.

It all started with actor Ron Perlman tweeting out an insult of Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, basically calling him ugly.

Now, for those who need a refresher, here’s a quick one. Jordan was a standout wrestler in college and went on to coach at Ohio State, where — according to allegations from a half dozen former wrestlers — he knew about, and ignored, a sexually abusive doctor at the university. Jordan denies he knew about the widespread abuse. Read More

Tech Radar

Windows 10 programs not working? This could be why

If you’re having trouble launching applications in Windows 10 then a bug, which has now been patched, in security software from AVG and Avast could be responsible.

Some Windows 10 users recently discovered that they were unable to launch Microsoft Office and other applications on their systems. When they tried to do so, the were shown a message that said Windows was unable to find the software they were trying to open.

At first, it was believed that either an Avast or Windows 10 cumulative update issue was to blame but now it has been confirmed that the issue was caused by programs from Avast and AVG being installed on a user’s machine. Read More


Apple’s 10.2-inch iPad is back on sale for $250

The 128GB model is also on sale. Currently, it’s $100 off, making it $330 instead of $430. When the 10.2-inch iPad was on sale in May, the 128GB model was only $30 off. So if you feel like the 32GB model isn’t enough for your needs, this is the time to grab the 128GB variant. If you want to buy the iPad in a particular color, your best bet is to purchase it from Best Buy; Target only has the 32GB model in space gray and gold, and the 128GB model in space gray.

If you don’t mind its dated design, there’s a lot to like about Apple’s entry-level iPad. Engadget’s Chris Velazco gave the tablet a score of 86. It features a bright and colorful display, a compelling ecosystem of first- and third-party apps and about 10 hours of battery life on a single charge. It’s not the fastest iPad in Apple’s lineup, but it should have more than enough computing power for most people. All of those same traits make into something a dad would more than likely appreciate as a Father’s Day gift. But even if all you’re doing is shopping for yourself, it’s hard to go with Apple’s latest entry-level iPad. Read More

The Next Web

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes ‘scantily-clad’ photos, study finds

If your Instagram newsfeed is filled with thirst traps, it might not be solely because you’re a total pervert. According to a new study, the gram’s algorithm makes photos showing skin more likely to appear.

Researchers from AlgorithmWatch and the European Data Journalism Network made the discovery by analyzing Instagram newsfeeds, talking to content creators, and studying patents.

The team asked 26 volunteers to install a browser add-on that automatically opens their Instagram homepage at regular intervals, and records which posts appear at the top of their newsfeeds. The volunteers then followed a selection of professional content creators who use Instagram to advertise their brands or attract new clients. Read More

The Verge

Apple will give students free AirPods when they buy a MacBook Air or iPad Air

Apple’s back-to-school promotion for 2020 is an especially good one if you’re in need of some headphones. At Apple’s education store, students and educators can get a free set of second-generation AirPods when purchasing the $899 MacBook Air or $479 iPad Air (both prices listed reflect the educational discount). What’s also cool is that Apple is giving you the option to upgrade to the AirPods with the wireless charging case for an extra $40, or all the way up to AirPods Pro for $90 out of pocket. Read More


Stack Up and Wargaming add a suicide prevention button to World of Warships

Wargaming has teamed up with veterans nonprofit Stack Up to bring suicide prevention and mental health awareness into the World of Warships online game.

The partners have put a button inside World of Warships that can immediately link a player to Stack Up’s Overwatch Program, a suicide prevention hotline on the Discord chat service, said Stephen Machuga, founder of Stack Up, in an interview with GamesBeat. “We’re excited to break new ground,” Machuga said. “This is a revolutionary way to get mental health services to people. Nobody has done that yet.” Read More


Dating Apps Exposed 845GB of Explicit Photos, Chats, and More

It’s painfully common for data to be exposed online. But just because it happens so often that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Especially when that data comes from a slew of dating apps that cater to specific groups and interests.

Security researchers Noam Rotem and Ran Locar were scanning the open internet on May 24 when they stumbled upon a collection of publicly accessible Amazon Web Services “buckets.” Each contained a trove of data from a different specialized dating app, including 3somes, Cougary, Gay Daddy Bear, Xpal, BBW Dating, Casualx, SugarD, Herpes Dating, and GHunt. In all, the researchers found 845 gigabytes and close to 2.5 million records, likely representing data from hundreds of thousands of users. They are publishing their findings today with vpnMentor. Read More


JavaScript creator Eich: My take on 20 years of the world’s top programming language

A newly published paper by Brendan Eich, CEO of Chromium-based browser Brave and the key designer of JavaScript, looks back at two decades of the definitive programming language for the web, browsers and, increasingly, native mobile and desktop apps.

Anyone developing for the web must know JavaScript, one of the top three programming languages, along with Java and Python, whose popularity has surged due to the rise of machine learning.

Eich, a co-founder of Firefox-maker Mozilla, and his co-author, Allen Wirfs-Brock – a key author of the ECMAScript specification for JavaScript – detail the long and winding history of JavaScript and the web since 1995 under the influence of Microsoft, Mozilla, Netscape, and Oracle.  Read More