Uber backup driver charged with negligent homicide in self-driving accident

The car’s software detected Herzberg more than five seconds before the crash but did not identify her as a pedestrian with a bike crossing the street away from a crosswalk. However the NTSB report went into depth saying that while the backup driver could have avoided the crash if they had been paying attention, it was “the last link in a long chain of actions and decisions made by an organization that unfortunately did not make safety the top priority.” That included Uber deactivating the Volvo SUV’s built-in automatic emergency braking system, which put all pressure on the backup driver to intervene in a situation where the self-driving rig failed. Read More

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Lyft joins Uber in threatening to pull out of California over driver status

Lyft said it would shut down operations in California if forced to classify drivers as employees, the company’s executives said in an earnings call with investors on Wednesday. Lyft joins Uber in threatening to pull out of one of its most important US markets over the question of drivers’ employment status.

At issue is the classification of ride-hailing drivers as independent contractors, which Uber and Lyft say most drivers prefer because of the flexibility and ability to set their own hours. But labor unions and elected officials contend this deprives them of traditional benefits like health insurance and workers’ compensation. Earlier this week, Uber and Lyft were ordered by a California superior court judge to classify their drivers as employees. Both companies have said they would appeal the ruling, which was stayed for 10 days. Read More


Lyft rides will come with plastic partition between you and driver

You already have to wear a mask to ride in a Lyft or Uber. Now, additional Lyft vehicles will be covering up as well.

Lyft is starting to distribute plastic partitions for drivers to install in their cars. The partitions are going to Lyft’s most active drivers in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Phoenix, Dallas, and New York City after high-frequency drivers in Atlanta, Denver, and Baltimore received their dividers earlier this month.

In the next few months, Lyft plans to drop off dividers in 30 different regions where the company operates. That’ll eventually add up to 60,000 drivers with free partitions. There are about 1.4 million Lyft drivers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Read More


Nvidia squashes display driver code execution, information leak bugs

Nvidia has released a set of security updates to remove vulnerabilities in the Nvidia GPU Display Driver.

This week, the tech giant published a security advisory for a total of six bugs in the driver, varying in severity with CVSS scores of between 5.5 and 7.8 and impacting both Windows and Linux machines.

The first vulnerability, CVE‑2020‑5962, is found in the Nvidia Control Panel component of the driver, in which a local attacker can corrupt system files, leading to denial of service or privilege escalation. Read More


Lyft crowdsources driver data to train its autonomous vehicle systems

In a blog post published early this morning, Lyft announced it has begun leveraging data from its ride-hailing network to improve the performance of its autonomous vehicle systems. A subset of drivers’ cars — currently Select Express Drive vehicles, as well as Lyft’s autonomous vehicles in Palo Alto and select cars that follow the vehicles for safety purposes — are now equipped with inexpensive camera sensors, enabling them to capture challenging scenarios while helping solve problems like generating 3D maps and improving simulation tests. Read More