Rocket Lab will resume missions in August following launch failure

In its announcement, Rocket Lab said that it was able to gather the data it needs, because the vehicle was unharmed and was able to continue sending information to its ground team. It also explained that it wasn’t able to detect the issue before the flight, because the electrical connection remained secure throughout testing. However, its now knows that the issue can be avoided through additional tests. Rocket Lab founder and CEO Peter Beck said in a statement:

“The issue occurred under incredibly specific and unique circumstances, causing the connection to fail in a way that we wouldn’t detect with standard testing. Our team has now reliably replicated the issue in test and identified that it can be mitigated through additional testing and procedures.” Read More


Rocket Lab clear to launch again after first mission failure attributed to electrical fault – TechCrunch

Rocket Lab has received clearance to launch from the FAA following the failure of its Electron rocket on July 4 and the loss of the half-dozen satellites on board. “This was a very, very sneaky and tricky issue,” said CEO Peter Beck. “However, the issue is well understood by the team. We’re really looking forward to getting back on the pad.”

The failure, Beck explained on a call with press, was nowhere near as catastrophic as many such incidents are. While the payloads were lost in the vehicle’s uncontrolled descent, the rocket did not explode or break up suddenly as sometimes happens, but rather seems to have calmly shut itself down during the second stage burn due to “a single anomalous electrical connection.” Read More


GamesBeat Decides 157: Crash Bandicoot 4 hands-on and was the Xbox Games Showcase a success or failure?

The Xbox Games Showcase happened on Thursday, and the GamesBeat Decides crew breaks down their reaction to the event. Are they hyped for Halo? What is Avowed? Is this enough to compete against PlayStation 5? Reviews editor Mike Minotti and PC gaming editor Jeff Grubb discuss how the show succeeded as a showcase for Xbox Game Pass but also failed to get people excited about Xbox Series X.

Then Mike and Jeff talk about what Nintendo is doing following its latest Direct Mini. Where are the first-party Switch games for the rest of 2020? Read More

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Former Facebook engineer says that the company has enshrined failure in its policies

A Facebook engineer said in a farewell video that the company was “failing” to mitigate harm and has “enshrined that failure in our policies,” BuzzFeed News reported on Thursday. Max Wang, a Boston-based former engineer who claimed in the recording obtained by BuzzFeed that he joined Facebook in 2011, said he didn’t think CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other company leaders were acting in malice.

“But that does not mean their actions are not going to harm people,” Wang said. He added that he did not believe Facebook was “paying enough attention to the raw human needs of the people who use our platform.” The company is “trapped by our ideology of free expression,” he said. Read More

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Rocket Lab’s 13th launch ends in failure, after rocket experiences problem mid-flight

Rocket Lab’s 13th mission ended in failure on Saturday, after the company’s rocket experienced some kind of problem after launching to space. As a result, Rocket Lab lost its rocket, as well as all the satellites it carried on board.

The company’s Electron rocket successfully took off at 5:19PM ET from Rocket Lab’s primary launch facility on the Mahia Peninsula in New Zealand. The launch seemed to proceed just fine for the first crucial minutes, but about six minutes into the launch, live video from the rocket stalled. At that point, Rocket Lab’s livestream indicated that the rocket started to lose speed, and the vehicle dropped in altitude. Read More

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No, you’re not a failure — here’s how to deal with setbacks at work

Setbacks are a normal part of life and work — and let’s face it, you’re likely to encounter many throughout your working career. 

They don’t discriminate either: it doesn’t matter if you’re the best performing team member, an award-winning CEO, or the new kid on the block.

The truth is that there will be times when you have to rectify mistakes and solve problems on the fly. 

Some setbacks will be small — the kind that entail you working late one evening — and others will have a profound impact on your professional and personal life.  Read More

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Go read this investigation from The Guardian on Facebook’s failure to contain QAnon

Facebook has a fringe conspiracy theory problem, and it’s getting worse by the day. According to a new investigation from The Guardian, the far-right QAnon movement continues to flourish on the social network, despite its attempts last month to begin removing accounts and pages promoting it.

The investigation, by journalist Julie Carrie Wong, details in depth how QAnon account and page owners caught wind of Facebook’s crackdown in early May and the clever methods they relied on to avoid detection. Earlier today, Verizon announced its participation in a growing advertising boycott of Facebook and Instagram, in part it appears because its ads continue to show up next to QAnon content. Read More