Twitter flags Indian politician’s years-old tweet for violating its policy – TechCrunch

Twitter has flagged a post from Indian politician T. Raja Singh for violating its policy days after TechCrunch asked the social giant about the three-year-old questionable tweet.

In a video tweet, Singh urged India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and others citizens in the country to move Rohingya Muslim immigrants, including those “who supported terrorism,” out of the nation as he feared that they would become a “headache for the nation” in the future. “#Deport RohingyaMuslims,” he tweeted. Read More


Twitter flags Republican leader’s video as ‘manipulated’ for altering disabled activist’s words – TechCrunch

Twitter flagged an inflammatory video by House Republican Whip Steve Scalise on Sunday for altering footage of a conversation between progressive activist Ady Barkan and Joe Biden. The video is now labeled as “manipulated media” in a tweet from Scalise, though remains online.

The inflammatory video pulls in out-of-context quotes from a number of Democrats and activists, but appears to have crossed a line by altering Barkan’s words from a portion of the conversation about policing reform. Barkan, who has ALS, speaks with an assistive eye-tracking device. Read More

Tech Radar

Google flags several major zero-day security threats

New research from Google’s Project Zero security team has revealed that 11 zero-day vulnerabilities have been actively exploited in the wild during the first half of this year.

The search giant’s security researchers began tracking zero-day vulnerabilities in an internal spreadsheet beginning in 2014. However, in May of last year, Project Zero released its tracking spreadsheet for zero-days to the public as the team began a “more focused effort on analyzing and learning from these exploits”. Read More


Twitter flags Trump tweet as ‘manipulated media’

Twitter is running out of labels to slap on President Trump’s tweets.

The social media site flagged a recent Trump tweet ‘manipulated media,’ per its rule that forbids users to “deceptively promote synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm.”

The tweet in question contains a doctored video of the toddler besties encounter that went viral in 2019. In Trump’s version, the video has a fake CNN label and purports to show CNN as misidentifying one of the toddlers as “racist.” Read More