Facebook just took down a Trump post that claimed kids are immune to COVID-19 – TechCrunch

Facebook took down a video President Trump posted to his account Wednesday, citing its rules against false claims about the coronavirus. The decision to remove the video signals a new direction for Facebook, which has been taking incremental steps recently to distance itself from the perception that the company deliberately turns a blind eye to the president’s potentially harmful behavior.

The video in question was a clip from a Fox News segment from Wednesday morning in which the president makes the unsubstantiated claim that children are “almost immune” to COVID-19. While much remains unknown about the novel coronavirus, children can contract COVID-19 and are believed to be able to spread it to others, even without symptoms. Read More


How to Cut Your Own Hair at Home (Long, Short, Wavy, Curly, Kids, Bangs)

So your hair is getting long. Some salons reopened when shelter-in-place orders were relaxed, but why take the risk? It’s safer to cut your own hair at home.

Stylists will advise you to avoid getting too zealous with your scissors, but sometimes you’re left with no choice. Cutting your hair is more complicated than it looks, and this guide is not one-size-fits-all, but it should at least help you figure out the basics on where to start.

Updated for August 2020: We’ve refreshed some of the links in this guide. Read More


iRobot’s Root rt0 is a $129 coding bot for kids and curious adults

Roomba maker iRobot made a serious push into education last year when it acquired Root Robotics, the company behind the Root rt1, an innovative $199 coding bot. Now that device is getting a cheaper sibling, the $129 Root rt0. Like many coding toys, it’s a fun way to get a handle on the basics of programming. And its timing couldn’t be any better, now that families are stuck at home and schools remain closed.


The two-wheeled rt0 features 20 sensors, allowing it to draw, detect physical touches and drive around flat surfaces. The iRobot Coding App, which is available on computers and phones, lets you program the bot in a variety of ways, from graphical blocks to full-text coding. That makes the rt0 ideal for everyone from kids to teens and adults who want to hone their programming skills. You’re not starting from scratch either, since iRobot offers a slew of activities, projects and games for the coding bot on its Education site. Read More

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How to use Microsoft’s new app to remotely manage your kids’ screen time

Last night, Microsoft released its family safety app on iOS and Android. The idea is to let you monitor and manage your family’s time on the internet. Plus, it can give you stats about your Children’s PC and Xbox.

The app lets you monitor app usage and website visits across devices — but only if you use Microsoft‘s Edge browser. Plus, it sends you weekly usage reports, and fires off alerts when your kids make a purchase on the Microsoft or Xbox store.

Credit: Microsoft