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Why vehicle-to-grid charging could be the cheapest way to secure renewable energy

The UK electricity system is undergoing significant and rapid change. It has the world’s largest installed capacity of offshore wind, has effectively stopped generating electricity from coal, and has recorded a 20% drop in demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, this transition from traditional, reliable coal to weather-dependent wind and solar generation brings with it increasing challenges to match electrical supply and demand at every instant. This is where large grid-scale energy storage systems could help regulate and buffer supply and demand, and improve grid control. Read More

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Chrome’s autofill is getting more secure and convenient

Google is updating its Chrome browser to let you automatically enter saved passwords and credit card details into forms more easily and securely, the company has announced. The browser will now use biometric authentication like a fingerprint to autofill credit card details without having to ask for your three-digit CVC each time, and a new dialog box will let you pick from a list of saved account credentials to sign into a website without having to tap into individual form fields.

As well as offering convenience, both features are designed to make transactions more secure on the web. Biometric security makes it harder for someone to make an online purchase if they have access to your device. You’ll still need to enter your CVC the first time you set up a credit card, but after that you can authenticate with security like a fingerprint. Read More


Last chance to secure NordVPN’s best deal

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A three-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for $3.49 per month.

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TL;DR: A three-year subscription to NordVPN is on sale for $3.49 per month as of July 28, saving you 70% on list price.

VPN providers are the undisputed kings of deals. The best providers constantly offer enticing deals on all of their plans, and it’s your job to find the best option from the lot.

NordVPN regularly drops its prices, and has been offering its three-year plan for just $3.49 per month. We don’t want to panic you, but NordVPN is now warning that this is your “last chance” to secure this low price. Read More


9 Tips to Keep Your Cloud Storage Safe and Secure

With cloud storage now so tightly integrated into desktop and mobile operating systems, we’re all syncing more data to and from the cloud than ever before: our photos, videos, documents, passwords, music, and more.

There are plenty of benefits to having access to all of your data anywhere and from any device, of course, but it does open the door to someone else getting at your files from a different device too. Here’s how to keep that from happening.

1. Use Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication Read More

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Box partners with Google Cloud to power secure remote work

Google Cloud and Box have announced a strategic partnership in order to help customers transform the way they work online.

Under the strategic partnership, Box will leverage the cloud computing service’s advanced capabilities to enhance the scale, performance and intelligence of its cloud content management platform globally. At the same time, both companies will also create a seamless experience for the enterprises that use G Suite with Box to power secure, remote work in the cloud.

In a press release, co-founder and CEO of Box, Aaron Levie explained how the strategic partnership will help its customers collaborate on a global scale while working from home, saying: Read More

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This super secure laptop is powered by a mysterious, unannounced Intel CPU

Kuu K2 laptop – $299 at Gearbest (£237/AU$427)
This laptop from Kuu is equipped with 512GB of onboard storage and a quad-core Intel Celeron J4115 with Intel HD Graphics 600. It’s also available at Gearbest for 40% off the retail price, so pick it up while you can!View Deal

We tested the Kuu K1 notebook not so long ago and were only mildly impressed, despite some promising signs – but now the manufacturer is now back with a new model: the K2.

It is currently on sale at Gearbest for only $299 (£237/AU$427), making it by far the cheapest new laptop worldwide with 512GB onboard storage. Read More

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You may not need a PS5 pre-order to secure one at launch

Struggling to find the ready cash to place a PS5 pre-order when they go live? Fear not – if supply rumors are true, you may not need to pre-order a PlayStation 5 at all in order to get one at launch day.

Reports from Bloomberg Japan and Nikkei are both stating that Sony is drastically ramping up production of the PS5 console to meet an expected influx of demand in this new Covid-19 age of stay-at-home entertainment.

While the extent of the production increase is up for debate, the sources are stating that Sony is preparing a massive nine to 10 million consoles for 2020. Read More


Google Cloud launches its first Confidential Computing service to secure sensitive data online

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In another push to convince enterprises to place more of their computing online, Google Cloud has introduced the first part of its Confidential Computing portfolio, with a service that allows data to remain encrypted while it’s being processed.

The product is called Confidential VM (virtual machines) and enables critical information to remain encrypted from start to finish. While Google and many other cloud providers have long stored data in encrypted formats before and after processing, it typically has to be decoded before it can be run through an algorithm. Read More

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Manage & secure your business data to keep your company safe

Most small businesses are concerned about their security, and each user on the network poses a potential vulnerability. Trying to ensure each person on staff has the security tools they need to be safe can take tremendous effort and expertise that may be beyond the capacity of a small business to handle.

A simple but effective solution to protect your network is to employ endpoint security that is always used. That means hardware with fingerprints readers built-in, so your team and only your team can access their machines. It can also include privacy screens on those machines, so sensitive information or usernames and passwords don’t simply get spotted over an employee’s shoulder. Read More

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This is probably the world’s most secure smartphone right now

Dual- and multi-booting computers is a popular practice among experienced users because it allows them to have several separate personae. Many maintain such a setup because of security concerns and it’s a bit of a surprise this trend hasn’t caught up on mobile, until now.

Straight from Finland, the country that provided us with one of the most popular (semi-rugged) phones ever, the Nokia 3310, comes the Bittium Tough Mobile 2C.

It’s a rugged smartphone that’s as tough outside as it is on the inside, but with the subdued look of a classic BlackBerry – a proper business mobile. Read More