Dark Sky mercifully gives Android users 1 more month until shutdown

Dark Sky has been sold to Apple, there’s no changing that.

However, Android users of the service will have one more month — until August 1 — before Dark Sky is gone.

“Service to existing users and subscribers of the Android app will now continue until August 1, 2020, at which point the app will be shut down. Subscribers who are active at that time will receive a full refund. Weather forecasts, maps, and embeds available on the Dark Sky website will also shut down on August 1, 2020,” Dark Sky wrote on its blog Read More


Android users can get Dark Sky weather updates for one more month

Apple purchased one of the best weather apps in the business this spring, and unfortunately that meant Dark Sky pulled its Android app. If you haven’t already installed it, it’s gone from the Google Play Store, and the company initially informed subscribers they would lose access as of July 1st.

However, there is one last reprieve, as it’s extending service on Android until August 1st. That gives you another month to find a different weather app — we have some suggestions — or, switch platforms. Dark Sky’s hook has been its accurate “hyperlocal” weather data that could inform users just before it rained or snowed, and even if you switch apps, any that rely on its API will lose access at the end of 2021. Read More

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Dark Sky delays shutdown of Android app until August 1st

Popular weather app Dark Sky, now owned by Apple, is keeping its doors open on Android for a little longer.

The company said on Wednesday in an update on its website that it plans to keep the Android version going until August 1st, after initially announcing it would shut it down today, on July 1st. Presumably, the Wear OS version is still functioning as well, but we’ve been unable to check that. Both apps appear to have been removed from the Play Store, however, so you need to have the app downloaded or have downloaded it at least once in the past to be able to continue using it for another month, according to 9to5Google. Read More


Kids adorably crashed both BBC and Sky News live broadcasts today

Working from home and taking care of a child is a tough task, in large part, because kids don’t totally get the concept of work.

That difficultly was on full display on British TV on Wednesday, when two different adorable kids busted their way into live shots on both Sky News and the BBC.

First, on the BBC, a little girl crashed her mother’s interview while she was live on air. The BBC handled it all with aplomb as the little girl moved what looked like a unicorn drawing around on shelves and jumped on her mother.  Read More

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The best Sky TV deals, packages and Sky Q offers in June 2020

If you’re looking for the best current deals for Sky TV in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Each week we take a look at the latest and best Sky TV packages to make sure we’re always recommending the best Sky deals currently available.

And if you’re looking to add a Sky broadband deal with your TV bundle, we’ve got you sorted there, too!

What’s the most basic Sky TV package?

Everyone who signs up for Sky TV has to begin with the basic Sky Entertainment package. From there you can add the extras like Kids channels, Movies and Sky Sports etc. Read More

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Loved Dark Sky for Android? These are the best weather apps to get before July 1

Alas, the beloved Dark Sky app for Android is going dark itself when its Android version shuts down on July 1. But there are other Android weather apps to pick from, and here are our top picks.

Sadly, there’s probably no future wherein Dark Sky comes back to Android (or Wear OS for that matter) after the service was acquired by Apple back in April, so you’re going to have to find an alternative. The July 1 cutoff date has been set in stone since the weather-tracking company informed its users in its blog post. Read More


Revolution Software’s Beyond a Steel Sky brings new adventure to Apple Arcade

Revolution Software is debuting Beyond a Steel Sky, the long-awaited sequel to its 1990s cyberpunk adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. Why it took so long — and the company is finally able to launch the game today on Apple Arcade — is an instructive tale about how the game industry has changed over the past decades.

Beneath a Steel Sky debuted in 1994. The original creators, comic book artist Dave Gibbons (Watchmen co-creator) and Charles Cecil (CEO of Revolution Software), wanted to collaborate on a sequel when the timing was right. In an interview with GamesBeat, they admitted they didn’t think it was going to take 26 years to make that happen. Read More