Best portable monitor 2021: top USB screens for working from home and remote working

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Expand your screen real estate while traveling with the best portable monitor. They not only have the advantage of being compact and lightweight, but they also require minimal mounting and offer a simpler setup than their full-sized counterparts. So, whether you’re working remotely and away from home or working with limited desk space, it’s just the ideal solution if you’re in dire need of extra screen space for your daily workflow.

These accessories have proven to be so useful, in fact, that the market is now teaming with offerings from big names and lesser-known brands. There’s quite a variety of them out there as well, from screens with 1080p resolution to super sharp 4K displays, from ones with stands to niftier ones that mount onto your laptop. Unfortunately, that also means that picking the best portable monitor for you can be tough, especially if you haven’t used one before.

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