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Get Alexa in an electric toothbrush with this Oral-B Guide Prime Day deal

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It isn’t just Alexa speakers that will get you talking to a digital assistant – with this year’s Prime Day deals 2020 haul, your toothbrush can get chatty too.

Well, to be specific, your toothbrush’s charging base can at least. The Oral-B Guide is currently 25% off at Amazon, with a stand that includes an Alexa-powered speaker, letting you get news updates, playlists, alarm clocks and smart home controls, all while brushing your teeth to a high standard. Maybe just don’t try to brush and speak a command at the same time, yeah?

Oral-B Guide: $164.99 (25% off) at Amazon
With an Alexa smart assistant built into its charging base, this clever toothbrush can give you updates on the weather, alarms, smart home controls and more – while using cutting edge cleaning tech to make sure your teeth are bright and white.
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