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How to watch Brave New World online: stream from anywhere

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A literary classic that’s on pretty much high school reading lists the world over, Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel Brave New World is rivalled only by George Orwell’s 1984 as the most important dystopian fiction of all-time. It’s also proven notoriously hard to bring to the screen, with legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott among those to have shelved projects based on the book. Now though, the novel has gotten its most promising dramatization yet in the form of a new nine-part Peacock series. Here’s how to watch Brave New World and stream the TV show online from anywhere in the world.

Brave New World cheat sheet

There are nine episodes of Brave New World. They have already been broadcast on NBC’s Peacock Premium platform in the US and is now being rolled out to international audiences. For anybody abroad from their usual broadcaster, you can always grab an ExpressVPN deal to stream just like you would at home.

As originally imagined, Brave New World is set in a future London and the year is 632 AF (After Ford) in World State speak, or 2540 in the Gregorian calendar. It’s ‘After Ford’ because Henry Ford’s revolutionary 1913 assembly line principles have been applied to all humankind and citizens are engineered in ‘hatcheries’ and ‘conditioning centers’ to fill predetermined roles in a five-tier caste system.

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