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Huawei’s 2021 flagships might not be powered by Kirin chipsets | TechRadar

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Huawei’s smartphone division is going through a rough time. After having its software rights taken away, the ban now also puts its hardware division in a frenzy. If matters don’t improve, it will be forced to abandon its HiSilicon chipsets and look at third-party alternatives.

All Huawei flagships are powered by inhouse Kirin chipsets that are designed by its HiSilicon subsidiary and contract manufactured by TSMC. However, additional sanctions imposed in May prohibited the two companies from having trade relations going forward. While existing orders will be honoured (such as the Kirin 1020 chipset), Huawei will be left without a chip supplier soon. Reports suggest that the upcoming Huawei Mate 40 flagship might be unaffected, but its 2021 flagships might not be.

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