Netflix’s unfunny Eurovision Song Contest movie is sanitized trash

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For years I didn’t understand the appeal of the Eurovision Song Contest. In some ways I still don’t understand why the better part of 200 million people tune in to watch mostly horrendous music – seriously, whose idea was Scooch? – outlandish costumes and voting from tedious national presenters.

That said, I get it more now. In its daftness, Eurovision is completely self-aware, and the least pretentious of Europeans luxuriate in it every year as they indulge in a little harmless national pride. Everyone involved is in on the joke, and they carry on having the same unadulterated fun regardless, purely for its own sake, and because it’s an event with a deeply positive vibe. And that’s precisely why spending two hours weakly attempting to mock it is a curious choice in Netflix’s newest movie.

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