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The best gaming laptops 2020

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If you think that the best gaming laptops still have nothing on their desktop counterparts, think again. These portables have considerably shrunk that performance gap between them and the best gaming PCs, and the most powerful of them are giving their desktop counterparts a good run for their money. It’s all thanks to their formidable combination of power, portability and affordability.

While PC games are becoming more demanding than ever, you can count on the best gaming laptops to help you get you the most out of your gaming experience. Inside their portable chassis are top-of-the-line mobile offerings such as Nvidia Turing or AMD Navi GPUs, the newest Intel Comet Lake processors and speedy SSDs. That makes them a boon for pretty much everyone, not just those who want gaming on-the-go or don’t have the space for a tower PC.

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