The best soundbars of 2020

What’s the cheapest soundbar you’d recommend?

It’s no Sonos Arc, but the Sony HT-MT300 is a compact soundbar that will fit just about any home theater and comes with a wireless sub for just $200 / £200. If you want something cheap, simple and easy to setup, this is the best soundbar to go for.

Choosing the best soundbar for you is an important decision for any home cinema enthusiast, whether you use it on its own or as part of the immersive home theater system of your dreams.

The best soundbars are an essential accessory for today’s TVs, which are getting slimmer and slimmer; though this means they look great in your home, there’s less room for built-in speakers. Just take a look at any of the top TVs at the moment and you’ll see the audio isn’t up to scratch – even the best Samsung TV could use an external soundbar.

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