There is no cybersecurity silver bullet

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Businesses of all sizes still harbor the belief that simply having a cybersecurity strategy and implementing the right policies is the complete answer to defending against cybercrime. However, the reality is that much more is needed to achieve strong defenses in today’s heightened threat landscape. In fact, according to the recent UK government Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020, almost half of UK businesses (46%) reported a cybersecurity breach or attack in the last 12 months.

About the author

David Emm is principal security researcher at Kaspersky.

Some data breaches are easily avoidable, but have successfully infiltrated systems due to a lack of awareness and knowledge within a company. To achieve optimal cybersecurity, businesses must ensure that they adopt the right culture and attitude towards it. This change must be driven from the top, with company leaders embedding a culture of cyber-awareness across an entire organisation, and ensuring staff are trained and educated in defending against cyberthreats.

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