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This RTX-equipped gaming laptop is just $879 in the Labor Day sales – but there’s a catch

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The Labor Day sales are being particularly kind to RTX gaming laptop deals so far, but this HP Pavilion comes in rocking an RTX-2060 GPU and only costs $879.99. That’s with a $200 discount, but before you start celebrating the gaming laptop deal of the year – there’s a catch.

This configuration is offering a stunning price for those graphics right now, however you are dropping down to a hard drive storage system in order to achieve such a low cost. That’s not the end of the world – plenty of cheap gaming laptops get by without super fast SSD speeds and the lack of SSD shouldn’t make too much of an impact on everyday gaming. If you’re impatient with load times, however, you might want to take a look at some of the more expensive gaming laptop deals in the Labor Day sales further down the page.

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