Year in review: The biggest tech news of 2020 – Indian perspective

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The year 2020 certainly felt like the longest year ever. In between the 12 months which took forever to come to an end there were many ups and downs across the globe due to Covid-19 pandemic and it changed the lifestyle and rewrote some of the rules. Most importantly, the world became more dependent on technology than ever.

In the world of technology, there was big news across smartphones, software, gaming, EVs, and more. In this article, we have curated the list of top tech news that amazed us in 2020. It includes Apple’s new M1 chipset to Tesla finally announcing its arrival in India. So, here is the top tech news of the year 2020.

Apple started the transition to its own chipsets

(Image credit: Apple)

After years of rumour, Apple finally unveiled its own ARM-based chipset for its laptops. The latest Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are now powered by Apple M1 chipset. The M1 M1-based MacBook devices were revolutionary and exciting devices in 2020. The M1 chip is very commendable and performed remarkably well on both the new laptops. The fact that MacBooks can now run thousands of iOS apps and games pretty much flawlessly is a huge win as well.

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