A plant-based filet mignon gave me a taste of a meatless future

My switch to a meatless diet was surprisingly painless. Yet there’s one part of my shameful past that I still miss a decade later:

Beef burgers.

Not those pompous grass-fed patties on brioche buns. Those poseurs can remain on their (*shudder*) wooden chopping boards.

What I truly yearned for was the most basic of burgers: the type of greasy garbage that makes you look like a bag of milk.

The taste, the smell, the carpet bombing of my internal organs… those mouth-watering experiences had become mere memories. Until, that is, the arrival of the plant-based revolution.

The uprising is now spreading across jolly old England. Both Burger King and McDonald’s recently launched sumptuous plant-based patties in my cursed homeland.

Their burgers even impressed the savage carnivores whom I’m ashamed to call my friends. But the flavors merely whet my appetite for more.

I soon craved a veggie revamp of my childhood favorite food: steak.

My prayers were soon answered by a startup called Juicy Marbles. The company has created what it claims is the world’s first plant-based filet mignon.