How I gave up and learned to love tablets

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Plugged In is back and coming at ya like Cleopatra — if Cleopatra had a borderline problem with buying too much shit. Anyway, this edition is all about tablets. Woahh there, close your mouth and put down those gurns. Slowly. That’s it. Good.

Somewhat overwrought intro aside, today I want to talk about tablets. And changing my mind.

Last week I fell in love.

Pull up a blanket, get a mug of tea, and let me tell you all about it. I was co-hosting a virtual conference (you can check out TNW’s range of those here) and, as it was kicking off, one of the team plopped an iPad Pro in my hands to use throughout the day. And I was blown away.

But, let’s take a little trip into the past. Despite playing with lots of tablets over the past few years, I’ve not spent much time with them recently.

My last real dalliance was back in 2012. I had a third generation iPad, but, sadly, our relationship was cut brutally short. You guessed it: someone stole it from the locker at the end of my bed in a 50-person dorm in Rotterdam.

Truly, a tale as old as time.

(Aside: I hope whoever took you had — and is still having — a long and contented relationship with you, and shows you considerable amounts of affection. I also hope they fall down a well and are never recovered.)