How is COVID transforming the business of sports?

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Today is day three of The Global Boardroom, a global digital conference to gather the most senior global decision-makers and leading minds in policy, business , and finance, initiated by the Financial Times and TNW.

Although you need to be registered for The Global Boardroom, we’re also airing some of the sessions live on the as well as here on TNW.

Live from The Global Boardroom: How is COVID transforming the business of sports?

Paolo dal Pino, Chairman, Serie A
Timothy Leiweke, CEO, OAK view group
Susan Whelan, CEO, Leicester City FC
Patrick Hogan, CCO, Honeywell Building Technologies

Moderated by Murad Ahmed, Sports Editor, Financial Times

The pandemic has brought the sports ecosystem to a standstill, halting live game attendance and impacting the return of sponsorship and broadcasting deals.

With the disruption to the traditional revenue streams that the sports economy was built on, and changing patterns of consumption impacting media rights, new business models will be needed in order to lead non-traditional growth.

In an industry underpinned by this combination of ticket sales, sponsorships, broadcasting rights, and stadium revenues, what will define and drive the value of club ownership going forward? How will the value of sports assets be adjusted and how could this affect the flow of capital in the sporting world? Will we see an increase in M&A activity as clubs and leagues are put under financial pressure while weathering the storm and adjusting their businesses to the new ways in which sport is played and consumed?

Enjoy the session ❤️

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