If you want to be a project management Black Belt, this Six Sigma training is essential

TLDR: The Ultimate Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Bundle includes all the training to attain one of the highest levels of project management expertise.

For all their talents, entrepreneurs seldom know the specific issue that will lead to the ultimate success or failure of their business plan. That’s understandable — because unexpected issues crop up all the time in fledgling companies. The trick is being able to spot that problem or opportunity quickly enough to adjust before the moment is gone.

Six Sigma is a process dedicated to identifying those potentially seismic business moments and tailoring solutions quickly. Top Six Sigma practitioners, known as Six Sigma Black Belt holders, are specially trained to dig deep into an organization’s operations, find the trouble points that cost time, money and company resources, and fix those problems.

And those experts get paid handsomely for their work, by the way. You can earn the training to attain this elite business operations knowledge in The Ultimate Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Bundle ($30, over 90 percent off from TNW Deals).

Taught by certified Six Sigma black belt experts, this four-course package walks students through the techniques and methodology used by Six Sigma analysts to improve project processes in pursuit of more successful outcomes.

In part 1, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Six Sigma Phase 0 and 1, learners get a clear understanding of Six Sigma values as they discover how to use project management techniques, including what needs to be measured and how that can happen. The training includes a collection of downloadable slides, an array of practice questions and insightful answers to key questions asked by young Six Sigma pros.

Next, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Six Sigma Phase 2 and 3 goes deeper into the Measure and Analyze phase of the Six Sigma process, giving students the tools to identify the root causes of process deficiencies using graphical and statistical tools. This course also uncovers the no. 1 skill essential to any Six Sigma Black Belt holder to find success. 

Then, Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Six Sigma Phase 4 and 5 explore the final steps of a Six Sigma analysis, the Improve and Control phases. As students get further into understanding about control plans, standard operating procedures and team huddles, they’ll have attained the process skills needed to get certified as a true Six Sigma Black Belt.

This collection also includes Six Sigma Black Belt: Become a QFD Specialist, a thorough breakdown of the complex world of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), a Black Belt-only process for turning customer needs into reality, even if it requires technical and engineering changes to make them happen. 

Each course is a $199 value, but right now, this entire package is available for about $7 each, only $30.

Prices are subject to change.

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