Lightyear halts production of its €250K solar EV to focus on its cheaper model

Netherlands-based solar EV maker Lightyear has announced that it’s freezing production of its flagship model, the Lightyear 0 — less than three months after going into production. As part of a “strategic restructuring,” the company will now focus on making the Lightyear 2, priced at around €40,000. This is expected to go into production in late 2025.

The company’s journey has been a long and impressive one. From a student team at a solar vehicle competition, Lightyear transformed into a startup in 2016, and quickly mapped itself on the automotive map with the Lightyear 0. The solar EV featured some stirring in-house tech, promising to be a game changer in a niche market. It also came with a prohibitive price tag: €250,000.