Macron’s climate law banning domestic flights isn’t enough, say green groups

On Tuesday, the French parliament will vote for a new climate law aiming to support President Emmanuel Macron’s green policies, France 24 reports. 

The measure includes bans on domestic flights under two and half hours that can be done by train, restrictions on renting badly insulated properties, and the designation of “ecocide” as a punishable crime.

While the draft legislation will most likely pass by the parliament’s lower house, where the French president holds the majority of seats, it has left environmental groups rather dissatisfied.

Campaigners have criticized it as unambitious and inadequate to keep up with the rapidly changing climate. They have also blamed Macron for poorly committing to a cause which he had promised to whole-heartedly support.

In fact, by 2030 France’s climate law aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% compared to 1990 levels. On the contrary, the EU agreed to set a more ambitious goal of reducing emissions by 55%.

What’s more, this law was meant to put Macron’s pledge for a more inclusive government into practice. A move that was spurred on by the 2018 “yellow vest” anti government riots (Mouvement des gilets jaunes).

Members of the public were selected at random to form a “Citizen’s Convention on Climate” to recommend climate measures, but after seeing the draft legislation a number of them expressed disappointment as their original ideas weren’t really adopted. 

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