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No, THIS is how much $10K worth of dot-com bubble stock is worth today

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Last week, Hard Fork published an article: Here’s what $10,000 invested at the height of the dot-com bubble would be worth todayThe idea was to build what would’ve been a typical stock portfolio in the lead up to Y2K and calculate its worth today, 20 years later.

Unfortunately, we forgot to account for “stock splits.” Companies split their stock all the time, multiplying (and sometimes dividing) shares in circulation in a bid to boost “liquidity” (a fancy finance term that refers to how easy it is to sell an asset).

For example, Intel split its stock a few months after the dot-com bubble burst two decades ago. Without having to do anything at all, someone holding five Intel shares would’ve gone to sleep on July 31, 2000, and woken in August with 10.