The Nuraphone ‘hearing-tuned’ headphones are a lockdown blessing

One of the upsides of lockdown is that I spend pretty much all time at home. Which is good, because I like my house. And — importantly — it’s filled with a large amount of audio equipment, such as the Nuraphone — the flagship headphones from Nura.

To give a short introduction, the Nuraphone are an odd-looking pair of headphones that adapt the sound they produce based on your own hearing. It’s really fucking cool — and if you’re looking for more information on them on that front, I suggest you read this detailed and descriptive review from my colleague, Napier.

This piece is slightly different to that. Instead of a review, it’s about my journey with these strange, weird headphones, and how I’ve come to love them

The Nuraphone and me, a love story in two acts

I first got hold of the Nuraphone headphones in the summer of 2019. I’d heard from friends (and the internet) about the headphones that adapt to your hearing and I was desperate to give them a try.

If you don’t know how they work, the short story is this: you put the headphones on, connect them to an app, and then your hearing is “profiled.” It does this by playing a sound into you earholes, which is then reflected back to the headphones. The Nuraphone then analyze this and create a “sound profile.” In other words, it plays music in a way that’s customized for your own ears.

And it’s magical.