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This browser extension dims tweets you’ve already read

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The internet gods are witness to the fact that I spend an awful amount of time on Twitter. If the internet was an actual religion, I’d spent a lot of time in the confession box talking about the site.

While I have to keep an eye on Twitter for work, I also spend a lot of time looking at memes and reposted TikTok videos. But because of the site’s weird algorithm, I end up seeing a lot of tweets again and again — it’s kinda frustrating.

However recently, I chanced upon a handy extension (works on both Chrome and Firefox), that can make my Twitter browsing a tad more efficient. It’s called Just Arrived, and it works in a simple manner: it dims out tweets that you read earlier, so you need not pay any attention to them.

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For example, look at this thread by LiveLawIndia, I’ve seen the first tweet earlier, so it’s dimmed, and the new tweets are visible in a brighter shade.