This site lets you stack multiple subreddits in a single screen

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Tweetdeck has been a great tool for Twitter power users totrack and follow different timelines through lists and other functions in a single window. Recently, I chanced upon a similar site, but for Reddit.

Reddeck is a site that lets you pin subreddits side-by-side to create an excellent dashboard for stuff you’re interested in. You don’t have jump from one subreddit to another while checking out content.

Now, as a reporter, I should be creating a dashboard so I can track the latest news and developments topics I cover regularly. However, there’s a pandemic going on, and the last thing I need is more news. So I made a memeboard.

Anyone who knows me understands that I spend way too much time looking at and creating memes, even for work. I mean, look at this.

So, when I discovered  Reddeck, I decided just to add some meme subreddits including r/memeeconomy, r/gifsound, r/evilbuildings, and r/absoluteunits (not strictly a meme channel, but a few animal pictures can brighten up the day).