Vvolt launches $1399 ebikes with a motor made by… Acer?

Here at TNW, we’ve written a lot about ebikes and a lot about Acer, but not about any ebikes powered by Acer components. As it turns out, Acer recently began making motors via its cycling sub-brand Xplova, and a new ebike company named Vvolt will be the first to bring these motors to the US in two of its four launch models.

Acer partnership aside, Vvolt’s bikes look like welcome additions to the American ebike market. The company’s bikes are designed with reasonable prices and durability in mind — the bikes start at $1,399 and each use belt drives — without sacrificing ride quality. There are a number of sensible design choices. Even the frames are original designs too.

While I normally avoid writing about ebikes from new companies without having at least ridden a prototype, Vvolt is different in that it is one of the rare ebike startups not launching via a crowdfunding campaign.

The Portland, Oregon-based company has secured funding through more traditional means; it’s made up of many of the same folks behind cycling apparel company Showers Pass. The bikes are already in production and the company plans to start shipping bikes in late August. Notably, the company wants to prove it’s here to stay by offering a three-year warranty that includes the electronic components. Most ebike companies only offer a one-year warranty.

And they’re some pretty interesting bikes too.

On the more affordable end of the price spectrum are the Alpha and Alpha S models, the latter being the step-through variant that’s easier to get a leg over. Both modelscost $1,399 and offer a solid selection of specs, most notably the aforementioned 350W Acer/Xplova rear hub motor and Gates CDN belt drive.