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Once a year I’m hit with an impossible question: how the hell do you review the new iPhone?

Do you write for the tech-heads who obsess over every details? The broader public who may only upgrade their phone every few years? Sceptics? Fans? There’s simply no right way.

Making this even trickier is the fact the devices are now incredibly mature. This year’s model (the iPhone 13 in case you didn’t get that from the headline) continues a series of iterative upgrades that streamline the phone.

In other words, you already kinda know what you’re gonna get with a new iPhone: something incredibly familiar that’s a bit better than what’s come before.

The difficulties in being incisive are clear.

But, friends, I’m not one to shirk a challenge. So, in the spirit of Not Letting The Man Get You Down, I’d like to introduce you to my way of reviewing the Apple iPhone 13: a series of haikus.

If you’d like a series of stats about everything that’s new, you can find those details here and here. If you’d prefer to find a wordier (and more boring review), you’re in luck: there are hundreds of those out there.

Instead though, we’re going the haiku route.

Why review the iPhone 13 with haikus?

Because they get straight

to the point and are more fun

than boring-ass prose.

What’s new with the iPhone 13 design?

Bigger camera bump.

Diagonal lenses and

less notch. ‘New’ colors.