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Cuphead has had a surprise release for PlayStation 4. You can play the run-‘n’-gun action-sidescroller on that platform right now. Developer Studio MDHR made the announcement today during an interview with Geoff Keighley as a part of his Summer Game Fest series (part of what we’re calling “Not E3” as folks come up with replacement events for the big summer shindig).

When Cuphead launched in 2017, the retro cartoon-inspired game was exclusive to Xbox One and PC. Microsoft would later permit a Switch port in 2019. It has become a huge hit, selling over 6 million copies. Cuphead is even getting its own animated series on Netflix.

While it was a surprise when Cuphead released for Switch, a PS4 port is even more irregular. PlayStation 4 is the direct competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox One. But Microsoft has been showing some flexibility in recent years. When it acquired Minecraft, it still kept that game a multi-platform affair.

And since it is so many years after Cuphead’s initial release, Microsoft doesn’t lose much. Cuphead already did its job of being a strong exclusive that Microsoft could tout at trade shows like E3. Now the game can make more money by coming out for other platforms.

Still, don’t expect to see Halo on PlayStation any time soon.

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