15 Best Deals: Hiking, Camping, and Outdoor Gear

This is a great time of year to stock up on outdoor gear. Online retailers are clearing out last year’s stock and discounting this year’s items to lure customers in. Either way, it’s a good time to upgrade or fill in the missing pieces you need before spring rolls around. We found discounts on plenty of our favorite gear to help you out no matter where your outdoor adventures take you.

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Camping and Backpacking Deals

Kelty Loveseat Camp Chair

Photograph: Kelty

This deal is only for one color, but so long as you don’t mind the blue-brown theme, this chair is the coziest way to hang out around camp. It might be huge, heavy, and awkward to fold, but it’s all worth it once you cram everyone you love on it in front of a fire.

Yeti’s Hopper cooler is my go-to cooler for an afternoon at the beach. It’s just large enough for ice, drinks, and snack for my family of five. This deal is on the purple version. The larger, tote-style M30 Yeti cooler is also on sale in purple for $280 ($70 off).

I haven’t had a chance to review it yet, but I spent quite a few nights in this tent last fall. It’s lightweight and solid, with huge vestibules and lots of storage options inside. It’s on the smaller end, so if you and your partner are taller, I’d think of this as a 2-person tent. My only gripe is that it’s low to the ground, which is part of what makes it so stable in the wind, but it does make it harder to get in and out of it with the fly fully staked.

REI 650 Down Jacket

Photograph: REI

These REI Puffy jackets are already a great deal even full price, so while this isn’t a huge discount, it makes these jackets even more appealing. Be sure to size up a bit so you can fit this over a base layer and mid-layer.

I used to be one of those lightweight backpackers, shaving off toothbrush handles, but these days, meh, I want a bit of steak for dinner and a good pillow to sleep on. I’ve tested quite a few pillows and this is my top luxury pick. It doesn’t get nicer than the Aeros (for the weight). At full price, this one is like a punch in the gut (my home pillows are cheaper than that), but this deal gives you a chance to score the luxury at a saner price.

This water filter changed backpacking for me. Pumping water while fending off mosquitoes is no one’s idea of a good time, especially when you’re pumping water for your entire family. With this genius filter from MSR you just fill the bag, walk back to camp, hang it up, and a few minutes later everyone’s thirst is quenched. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Bottle

Photograph: Amazon

Hydro Flask bottles can take a tough beating without cosmetic damage or leaks. There are also tons of matte color options. The threads are on the outside of the rim, where you sip from, which is odd, but otherwise it’s one of our favorite water bottles.

I haven’t tested this one, but Mystery Ranch packs are a staple among backcountry firefighters and the forest service employees I know. It’s hard to think of a group of people who put more wear and tear on their packs so I don’t hesitate to say this is a durable pack. It’s not quite as good a deal, but the smaller Scepter 35L is also on sale for $164 ($55 off).

Only the yellow version is on sale, but this is a good deal on the best day pack I have ever owned. It’s a perfect size, capable of holding everything I need for an all-day hike with three kids, but also capable of cinching down when my load is lighter on solo adventures. 

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Sleeping Pad 

Photograph: Backcountry

If you need a new sleeping pad for next season, the NeoAir is one of our favorites. It’s 2.5 inches thick, boasts an R-value of 6.9, and still only weighs 15 ounces. The included pump sack makes quick work of filling it up. If you don’t need such a big pad, the smaller, lighter Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite is also on sale for $126 ($105 off).

Having the space to actually cook makes camping so much nicer. This table is lightweight, packs up surprisingly small, yet is still sturdy. I wouldn’t want to put hundreds of pounds of gear on it, but it holds my Coleman stove and leaves plenty of room for a cutting board and food prep. My only gripe is the price, but this deal makes it an easier sell.

Clothing and Jackets

Patagonia Nano Puff Hooded Jacket

Photograph: Patagonia

This synthetic-filled puffy is something of an industry standard. This is the hoody version, but there are jackets and vests on sale as well. Don’t let the synthetic trouble you, this thing stuffs down like a feathered jacket and is impressively warm. The deal does vary by size and price, but there’s a good selection available on sale. The men’s sizing is on sale as well.

I am currently putting together a guide to merino wool, which features this 100 percent merino base layer from Smartwool. This deal varies by size and color so be sure to try a few different options if the price isn’t coming up for you. Women’s sizes are also on sale at Backcountry, as is the children’s version.

This is one of our top picks from our upcoming merino wool guide. This jacket is 100 percent merino and incredibly warm despite not being all that thick. That makes it a great option for days when the weather may vary considerably—it’s warm enough for cold mornings, but won’t be a burden in your pack the rest of the day. The women’s sizing is also on sale.

I haven’t actually tested these, but the level of love these Fjallraven pants get on the internet suggests they’re worth every penny. They’re made from 65 percent recycled polyester and 35 percent cotton blend, with pockets everywhere and extras like ventilation zippers, reinforced knees (with openings for pads), and a loop on the leg to hold a hatchet. Do your pants have a hatchet loop? Didn’t think so. The link above is for men’s sizing, but the women’s sizing is on sale here.

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