34 Best Sleep Week Deals: Mattresses, Sheets, and Sleep Accessories

How you’re sleeping affects how you feel the rest of the day. If your sleep is suffering, and you’ve already tried putting your smartphone in another room to keep the distractions at bay, well you’re in luck. National Sleep Awareness Week runs from March 10 to March 16, and that means some of our favorite sleep accessories are on sale right now. You can get a whole new mattress or maybe a fresh pair of sheets to keep you cool. All the prices listed are for queen sizes wherever relevant.

Updated March 13, 2024: We’ve added more deals on Baloo weighted products, including a sleep mask, plus a sound machine, and an orthopedic pillow. We’ve also updated prices and links throughout.

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Mattress Deals

See our Best Mattresses, Best Organic Mattresses, and Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers guides for more details. Only want to shop on Amazon? We have a guide for mattresses sold there too.

Helix Sleep Midnight Luxe Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Helix Sleep

Use code MADNESS20 at checkout to get 20 percent off our favorite mattress. It was slightly cheaper during President’s Day, but it’s a great mattress if you can splurge, and it works well for all sleeping positions. We tried the medium-firm Midnight Luxe model, but there are a few other versions to choose from.

Leesa’s Sapira hybrid is our runner-up pick. This bed is firm but still feels soft, and we kept coming back to it during our testing. It was also cheaper during its President’s Day sale, but it doesn’t usually have great discounts. The $1,699 price it usually is just went up on Amazon to $1,719. We’ll keep checking to see if it stays there.

Use code MADNESS20 to get this discount. The Elite is even more expensive than the other Helix we like, but it is very luxurious with nine layers of foam packed into its 16-inch-thick body. Like the Luxe, there are various options depending on what firmness level and sleep position you prefer.

My Green Mattress Kiwi Children’s (Twin) Mattress

Photograph: My Green Mattress

The twin size of this mattress is reasonably priced, so we recommend it as an organic option for kids. We saw it drop to $679 during the President’s Day sale, but this is the usual sale price. It’s made using certified organic cotton, wool, and latex.

WIRED readers can use code WIRED100 to get an additional $100 off the sale price. Technically this deal is $975 off, but we’ve only rarely seen it hit its $2,499 MSRP. When it was available on Amazon, it hovered between $1,625 and $1,700 most of the time. Still, it did occasionally reach peak price, and it is a discount on a great mattress for side sleepers. It needed a full two weeks to break in, though, so give it time. There’s a 120-night sleep trial, but it’s an extra $100.

This DreamCloud bed is the runner-up in our Best Mattresses You Can Buy on Amazon guide. Its eight layers of foam, coiled springs, and cashmere-blend quilted pillow top make it feel luxurious. The medium-firm feel is great for side and back sleepers, but it does lack edge support. We’ve seen it drop lower than this, but it’s steadily $1,399.

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress

Photograph: Awara

The Awara is a more affordable organic choice, and it is both supportive and bouncy, with little motion transfer. But we could feel the springs a bit more. As a nice plus, it has less off-gassing odors than other beds in boxes we’ve tried.

This is our favorite organic latex mattress. Latex beds are usually very heavy and hard to ship nationally. Turmerry solves this by shipping its bed in four boxes—the three or four separate layers zip into an organic cotton cover.

Enter code DEALS at checkout to get this discount on our favorite side-sleeping mattress. It’s 14 inches thick and firmer than most options geared toward side sleepers. But the layer of springs of varied rigidity allows your hips to sink in comfortably. The Elite occasionally reaches its $2,305 price, but we usually see it around this sale price.

Saatva Classic Innerspring Mattress

Photograph: Saatva

The base price for this bed has risen from $1,995 to $2,095. We haven’t tracked it reaching $1,995 until the end of February, so $400 off is a generous estimate. Still, this innerspring mattress is great if you’re dealing with back pain. The luxury firm option has a quilted organic cotton pillow top that’s zoned to promote lumbar support. A layer of high-density foam helps achy lower backs.

Most cheap mattresses are not going to be great options, but this one is fine if you absolutely need the cheapest bed right now or just want to outfit a guest room. Just know that the edge support is uneven, and the springs are a little creaky.

We liked the Linenspa better, but this is another super-cheap bed that typically costs $252. We’re impressed that its foam is CertiPUR-US certified, which means it doesn’t use formaldehyde or problematic flame retardants. We wouldn’t want to sleep on it every night, but younger people who have yet to face back problems might not mind it. It’s perfect for a guest room.

Sheets and Pillow Deals

See more info about fabrics and all our favorite picks in our Best Bedsheets guide.

Brooklinen Washed Linen Core Sheet Set

Photograph: Brooklinen

Brooklinen topped our Best Sheets list a few times. Discounts are frequent enough that you should wait to purchase sheets until they’re on sale. These sheets changed how I thought about linen. I didn’t itch all night, instead I was cool and comfortable. We also like Brooklinen’s Heathered Cashmere Sheets for $280 ($70 off) and the Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set for $151 ($38 off).

If you have an organic mattress, you should pair it with organic sheets. And if you don’t have one, organic bedding is a more affordable step toward relinquishing chemicals. These Brooklinen sheets are the best organic sheets we’ve tried. They’re soft but not overly silky; crisp but not too tight. They’re made of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified organic cotton. They’re also Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’re tested for and do not contain any known toxic chemicals.

Buffy’s sheets feel warm and cozy to snuggle into, but they are still light and airy, so you’re not sweating through the night. They’ve held up through many washes, too, with no dreaded pilling. The fabric is eucalyptus Tencel lyocell, which is sustainable and biodegradable.

The Company Store Legends Hotel Velvet Flannel Sheet Set

Use code FAMILY24 to get this discount. These were the softest flannel sheets we tested, though it did take a few washes to get there. If you want warm flannels to cuddle under in the winter, these are a good bet.

Coyuchi’s flannels are another set we liked. They’re still warm and cozy, but a little lighter than the Company Store sheets. If you sleep hot, you may want to splurge on these.

There is already a slight discount on these very pricey sheets, but use code WIRED to get an additional $52 off a queen-sized set. This price is not for the faint of heart, but these were the softest sheets WIRED reviewer Nena Farrell has slept on. They’re silky and cooling, and Farrell says it was nice to slip into a cool bed that warmed up a little once you’re settled.

We haven’t tried these yet, so we can’t say for sure that they’ll be great. However, this 50 percent off deal was too good not to share, and you can return them within 30 days if you end up not liking them. We’ve heard great things and will be testing this bamboo set and the sateen organic set for a future update to our sheets guide.

Buffy Wiggle Pillow

Photograph: Buffy

I love sleeping with this gigantic pillow or curling up with it on the couch. It’s meant to be floppy so you can curl it or tie it, but you can still comfortably lay your head on it. It’s also made using 55 plastic bottles. It’s perfect on its own, but you can get a cover for $81 ($14 off), and there are now more color and fabric options than when we tried it.

Listen, $20 is barely anything when you consider the price of this pillow. But, this is the best orthopedic pillow we tested, and it might make a world of difference if you frequently wake up with a sore neck. Its unique shape allows you to sleep on your back or side, with extra contours that can cradle the side of your face while still helping your head stay in proper alignment.

Weighted Blanket Deals

See all our picks and advice on choosing a weight in our Best Weighted Blankets guide.

Brooklinen 12-Pound Weighted Throw Blanket

Photograph: Brooklinen

Most colors are already sold out, but if you can grab one, Brooklinen’s weighted blanket is one of my favorites. It looks nice, with one satisfyingly textured side and one of washed cotton. It’s a good size too. It’s not too small to snuggle under on the couch, but I could still sleep under it without it covering my husband, who doesn’t like weighted blankets.

Enter code SLEEPWEEK15 at checkout. Baloo’s weighted throw isn’t quite as pretty as Brooklinen’s, but it does come in similar colors and was my go-to blanket during testing. It’s a perfect size for one person and feels heavy enough to relax without feeling suffocated. If you want something heavier and larger, there are full and king sizes available.

Baloo Weighted Silk Sleep Stone Mask

Photograph: Amazon

Use code SLEEPWEEK15 at checkout to apply this discount. The silk on this mask feels luxurious against the face, and the 9-ounce weight is just enough to help lull you into la la land. Sleep masks usually annoy me, but I use this one almost every night.

Enter code SLEEPWEEK15 at checkout. Full-size weighted blankets are great, but weighted lap blankets have their place. They’re great for draping over your lap at the office or during meditation. I also love them for nights when I want the weight but am too hot or feeling too sensory-overloaded for a full-size blanket.

Slippers and Robe Deals

Read about all our favorite slippers in our full guide.

Manitobah Slippers

Photograph: Zappos

This price is for the black and oak colors. WIRED reviewer Jaina Grey says these slippers are like clouds for your feet with a nice beaded design. Manitobah is also staffed with Indigenous designers.

This sale price is also only for select colors. L.L.Bean’s Wicked Good slippers are a classic beloved by most who try them. I’ve gifted them to family members, and WIRED reviews editor Julian Chokkattu bought these for his wife. He says they’ve held up over the three years she’s used them. The brand has a few other Wicked Good styles to choose from too.

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe

Photograph: Brooklinen

This is a classic robe for lounging in while drinking coffee or throwing on after a shower. It feels a bit like a towel, but not scratchy, and it’s held up in the wash. There are great new colors as well as a nice rotating list of limited-edition colors and prints.

We tried the adult version of this robe, and this one is made for 7- to 11-year-olds. It’s 8 pounds, which is just enough to feel like a nice hug but not so heavy that your little one can’t get off the couch. However, it’s pricey even on sale.

Sleep Device Deals

For more sleep accessories, see our Best Sound Machines and Best Sleep Gadgets guides.

Hatch Rest (2nd Gen) Sound Machine

Photograph: Hatch

Hatch makes great sound machine/night light combos, and the Rest is one of the cheaper models in its lineup. Adults and kids will like it as a bedside companion, but there are time-to-rest and time-to-rise beacons designed specifically for kids. You’ll get a few nice sleep sounds as is, but if you subscribe to the Hatch membership, it unlocks a ton of bedtime stories, lullabies, and mediations.

Click the on-page coupon to apply 10 percent off. With this cute little sound machine, you’ll get a range of standard sleep sounds like a fireplace crackling or a thunderstorm, as well as several meditations. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require a screen, and looks like a music box sitting on your bedside table. Kids will love the My Little Morphée, which is also $90 ($10 off).

Gravity Eye Massager

Photograph: Gravity

This isn’t a mask you’d wear to sleep, but Gravity’s eye massager (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is a great addition to a wind-down routine. Using air pressure, heat, and vibration, this mask gently massages your temples, helping to soothe sore eyes and headaches. I’ve tried a lot of fun things as a WIRED gear writer, but eye massages are among the top five.

Enter code REST25 at checkout to apply this discount. Breathing exercises can help fight insomnia or ward off panic attacks. You don’t need a device to do them, but if you’re having trouble controlling your breathing, this little thing works. Hold it in your hand with your thumb on the heart rate sensor, and match your breath to the device as it expands and contracts. It connects to an app, but if you set your default breathing exercise, you can just grab the device and use it without opening your phone.

These earbuds are half headphones, half sleep tracker. They’re not for everyone, and our tester found it tricky to get comfortable while wearing them, but he loved that you could layer a meditation or sleep story over a nice soundscape like rain. If it’s in your budget and you’ve exhausted other sleep headphone options, these may be worth a shot.

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