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Spider-Man is coming to Marvel’s Avengers game – but only on PS4 and PS5

Spider-Man is coming to the Marvel’s Avengers game, it’s been revealed – but only on PS4 and PS5. It’s been described as Crystal Dynamics’ “own, unique take” on the character, suggesting it won’t tie into the existing (and very popular) PS4 Spider-Man game at all.

Spider-Man will be added to the game in early 2021, it’s been confirmed, and like all the game’s story and character DLC, he’ll be free to download. Crystal Dynamics is apparently working hard to make sure the character moves and fights as he should, and you’ll be able to customize Spidey like you can the other Avengers in the game, meaning you can upgrade his abilities and gadgets to suit your play style. Read More


Impossible Burger continues its rapid expansion with Publix

Impossible Foods announced today that its plant-based Impossible Burger will now be available at more than 1,200 Publix stores. Publix is primarily located in Florida, Georgia and much of the Southeast.

This continues the company’s aggressive grocery store rollout of the Impossible Burger this year. It expanded its retail presence to Safeway, Vons, Albertsons and Kroger a few months ago, and more recently, it made its biggest rollout yet with Walmart. It also recently started being available at Trader Joe’s. Read More

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Google’s $349 Pixel 4a is finally here — but is it too little too late?

After waits of eons and tons of rumors, Google‘s mid-range Pixel 4a is finally here. The company announced the device today with a starting price of $349.

Google’s naturally banking on its renowned camera tech along with nifty and clean Android experience to entice users. Before we talk more about the device, let’s have a look at the device’s not-so-impressive spec sheet.


  • Screen: 5.81-inch full HD+ display
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G
  • RAM: 6GB
  • Rear camera: 12-megapixel single camera with f/1.7 aperture
  • Front camera: 8-megapixel single camera with f/1.7 aperture
  • Internal storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 3,140mAh
  • Charging: 18W USB-PD fast charging. 
  • Software: Android 10

The company is releasing just one size this time, so there’s no Pixel 4a XL. It says that the design team managed to cram 5.81-inch of the screen in a relatively smaller body. So there wasn’t any need for a larger phone. Even after that, thick bezels on the front are visible and daunting. Read More

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Google Pixel 4A: how to preorder

Google has announced the Pixel 4A, its new midrange Android phone that packs in features similar to the Pixel 4, like an excellent camera and astrophotography mode, but at a much more affordable price. It will be available starting on August 20th for $349. Check out Dieter Bohn’s video review, embedded above, for everything you need to know or read his full review right here.

Preorders are up at a few places, including Google’s own store, Amazon, and Best Buy. Compared to shopping for most other phones, it’s simple here. There’s just one size, one storage configuration, and one color. So really, your only decision is where you want to buy it and whether you want a case included with your purchase. Read More


New ‘unselfie’ AI technique makes your selfies look like posed portraits

Folks snap self-portraits with their smartphones all the time, whether for the benefit of followers on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. But these “selfies” tend to look unnatural because they require that the subject stretch out their arms in order to capture the best angle. Fortunately, researchers at Adobe Research, the University of California, Berkely, and KU Leuven in Flanders have developed an AI technique that automatically translates selfies into neutral-pose portraits. By identifying a target pose and generating a body texture, it’s able to refine and composite a person on a given self-portrait’s background. Read More


Frog Eats Beetle. Beetle Crawls Through Guts to Escape

The nice thing about being a frog is that you don’t have to chew your food—just gulp, and down the hatch. The problematic thing about being a frog is that you don’t have to chew your food, which means that if you’ve happened to nab the aquatic beetle Regimbartia attenuata, your food might come out the other end in an undesirable fashion: alive and literally kicking.

Writing today in the journal Current Biology, Kobe University ecologist Shinji Sugiura describes how the beetle, locked behind the frog’s jaws, turns around and scrambles through its digestive tract. In carefully designed lab experiments, Sugiura found that 93 percent of the beetles he fed to the frog Pelophylax nigromaculatus escaped the predator’s “vent”—aka anus—within four hours, “frequently entangled in fecal pellets,” he writes. The quickest run from mouth to anus was just six minutes. The beetles then went about their day as if they hadn’t just spelunked through a digestive system, and even swam effectively. Read More


Snapchat to take on TikTok with a new music-powered featuring rolling out this fall – TechCrunch

Snapchat is taking aim at TikTok. The company announced today it will begin testing a new feature that lets Snapchat users set their Snaps to music, similar to TikTok’s app. The feature may allow Snapchat to capitalize on the fracturing of the TikTok audience, who have been exploring alternative apps as the Trump administration weighs a ban on Chinese tech companies over data privacy concerns.

Already, apps like Byte, Triller, Dubsmash, Likee, and others have climbed the app stores’ charts as TikTok users hedged their bets. Instagram also launched a music-powered feature called Reels to cater to the TikTok crowd. Read More


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Best cloud storage services in 2020

What’s the best cloud storage provider? Right now, it’s IDrive

Enjoy a jaw-dropping 95% discount! $3.48 for a whole year is what you will pay for the first year with our Editor’s choice, IDRIVE. It is ridiculously cheap, not to mention that 5TB should go a very long way in covering your storage needs.VIEW DEAL ON IDrive

Looking for the best cloud storage provider? We’ve got you covered with the most extensive, thoroughly-researched and complete buyers guide on the internet. We have researched more than 40 providers to provide you with our curated list.  Read More


Pixel 4a review: The best $350 phone

The fact that the Pixel 4a only has a single rear camera puts it at a disadvantage. Both the OnePlus Nord and the Galaxy A51 have quad-sensor arrays, though the iPhone SE also sports just the one camera. Google still delivers superior image quality thanks to its clever software, but I miss the flexibility of switching a wide-angle lens for more-arresting landscapes.

The 4a has the same selfie camera situation as the 4 and as expected, took portraits of similar quality. I miss the secondary wide angle lens that the Pixel 3 offered, but the solo sensor on the 4a isn’t bad. Put it this way — with a wider angle I could get shots of my head-to-toe look, while the 4a can only get head-to-knees. It’s not the biggest deal given we’re not all clamoring to squeeze into group selfies these days, but if self portraits are a priority you might prefer the Nord’s dual front cameras. Read More