A Bluetooth Flaw Leaves Billions of Devices Vulnerable

The October issue of WIRED took a close, in-depth look at the state of election security. While lots of it isn’t pretty, we did find some pockets of hope. Data scientist Sara-Jayne Terp is on a mission to stamp out misinformation. The former Facebook employees at the nonprofit Acronym are hoping to use the Trump’s 2016 strategies against him. And we dug into the story of STAR-Vote, an audacious plan to secure voting machine tech for good.

There’s more! We talked to Stacey Abrams about how to overcome voter suppression. We looked at how some countries have successfully stymied Russian interference efforts. And we explained how you’ll know for sure that the presidential election results are valid, no matter how loudly Trump yells that they’re going to be rigged. Read More

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VPN management now easier in Android 11

Having a VPN installed on your smartphone can help you protect your privacy and avoid unwanted tracking online and with the release of Android 11 Google has made it even easier to see your active VPN connections.

In Android 10 when connected to a VPN, users would see a slimline notification which confirmed they were connected to an external server. While this told you that you were in fact connected to a VPN, the gray border surrounding the notification looked out of place especially when using the system-wide dark theme. Read More


Verizon’s $30 Unlimited Plus tablet plan offers 5G access

Verizon (Engadget’s parent company) has introduced a new plan for tablets, hotspots, smartwatches and laptops that’ll give you access to its 5G Ultra Wideband network, provided you have a device that supports it. The Unlimited Plus plan expands upon the carrier’s old Unlimited plan and includes double the LTE data allowance. While the standard Unlimited plan comes with 15GB of LTE data, the Plus version comes with 30GB — it’s also just $10 more expensive at $30 a month if you already have an existing smartphone plan with the company. Read More

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Get the most out of your Android and iPhone with these 10 accessories, now on sale

TLDR: Here are 10 phone accessories that no serious gadget lover should be without — and you can now get an extra 20 percent off each.

We don’t need to tell you…but every day, your phone inches closer and closer to being the absolute center of your universe. It’s understandable. It’s happening to all of us, so there’s no need to fight it.

In fact, just turn into the skid. To help, we’ve assembled 10 phone accessories that you definitely should consider that are not only already discounted, but now have added savings as part of the TNW Three-Day VIP Sale. On top of the big discount already in place, using the codeword VIPSALE20 during checkout will slash another 20 percent off the final price of your item. Read More


The TikTok deal solves quite literally nothing – TechCrunch

Well… that was pointless.

After debasing the idea of free commerce in the U.S in the name of a misplaced security concern, stringing along several multi-billion dollar companies that embarrassed themselves in the interest of naked greed, and demanding that the U.S. government get a cut of the profits, the TikTok saga we’ve been watching the past few weeks finally appears to be over.

A flurry of announcement late Saturday night indicate that the TikTok deal was actually a politically-oriented shakedown to boost the cloud infrastructure business of key supporters of the President of the United States. Read More


Lindsey Graham said to use his own words against him. Twitter is on it

Senator Lindsey Graham’s own words are being used against him, thanks to old videos recirculating on Twitter.

Graham is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the cohort of senators who review judicial nominations. In the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, he’s facing pressure to reject any nominee chosen by Donald Trump to take Justice Ginsburg’s seat. Ginsburg was a progressive on a largely conservative court, and any nominee Trump puts forward is sure to be conservative as well.  Read More

The Verge

President Trump says he approves of Oracle’s bid for TikTok ‘in concept’

President Trump says he has approved “in concept” Oracle’s bid for TikTok, less than a day before a de facto ban he threatened in August was set to go into effect.

“I have given the deal my blessing,” Trump said to reporters outside the White House Saturday as he departed for a rally in North Carolina. “I approved the deal in concept.”

On Friday, the Commerce Department issued an order to block transactions with both TikTok parent company ByteDance and WeChat, effective September 20th. The order is set to go into effect on November 12th for TikTok, effectively halting the app’s operations Read More

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Celtics vs Heat live stream: how to watch game 3 of NBA playoffs 2020 from anywhere

The Miami Heat are on fire! Thanks to two MVP-calibre showings from The Dragon Goran Dragić, they lead the Boston Celtics by a clear 2 to 0 in the 2020 Eastern Conference finals. Can the Massachusetts men strike back at Disney’s sports complex today? Follow our guide to watch a Celtics vs Heat live stream of game 3 to find out and catch all the NBA playoff action.

Celtics vs Heat game 3: live stream

Game 3 of the Celtics vs Heat series takes place today (Saturday, September 19) at 8.30pm ET. It’s being shown by ESPN on linear TV and full streaming details can be found below – take your preferred NBA coverage wherever you are with ExpressVPN and get 3-months FREE with this deal. Read More


Stardust Social Casino is a bet on enticing players with Las Vegas history

When Boyd Gaming launched Stardust Social Casino recently on iOS and Android, it was one more entry in a crowded social casino game market. But the Stardust casino played a significant role in Las Vegas history, and the company is betting that allure will attract folks to the virtual casino.

The game is the beginning of a digital strategy for a brick-and-mortar gambling company that isn’t having an easy time during the pandemic. It’s been in the works for a couple of years, and so far Boyd Gaming is finding that a lot of people recognize the Stardust name, either out of a sense of nostalgia or curiosity about the casino’s famous history. It’s one more example of how games could help out companies that can’t operate in the physical realm but may be able to satisfy customers on the digital side. Read More


Democracy Will Only Work If the Social Media Giants Grow Up

Last weekend, the president of the United States urged Americans to vote twice in the upcoming election. This brazen—and illegal—suggestion spread quickly across social media and once again underscored the unprecedented risks of this election season: the Covid-19 pandemic, an onslaught of disinformation, and online echo chambers stoking vitriol that could turn to violence. With more Americans than ever working, going to school, and gathering online, social media platforms have an urgent responsibility to step up in order to ensure the integrity of this election. So far, they haven’t done nearly enough. Read More