Best monitor deal: A ton of Samsung monitors are up to 45% off at Amazon

SAVE UP TO 45%: As of April 2, several Samsung monitors are on sale at Amazon, with several premium models from 2023 in the 30% off or more range.

A quick look at our favorite Samsung monitor deals

Samsung smart monitor with streaming app platform on screen

Samsung curved ultrawide monitor with pink, purple, and green abstract screensaver

We don’t know the official statistics, but we do know that the time spent putting off work to look longingly out the window spikes once sunny spring days become the norm.

Perhaps a monitor that doesn’t suck to look at could help keep your productivity levels from completely derailing during Summer Fridays season. Conveniently, you have a ton of awesome options up to 45% off at Amazon: From basic options under $100 to premium ultrawide curved models or zippy gaming models, there’s a Samsung monitor on sale wherever you are on the upgrade spectrum. Barring a few cheap options maxing out at 15% off, most models (including the high-end ones) are chilling in the 30% to 40% off range.

We’re highlighting the best deals from a few categories below:

Best gaming monitor deal

Why we like it

The 24-inch Odyssey G32A isn’t the most advanced gaming monitor in this Samsung sale, but because of its huge 35% discount, it is the cheapest. This iteration of the Odyssey G3 series has a 165 Hz refresh rate versus the 144 Hz that you’d see on a typical cheap gaming monitor, plus QLED-boosted colors.

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Best smart monitor deal

Why we like it

Samsung’s line of M series smart monitors double as gorgeous mini TVs. The M8 is a slightly more elevated version of the M7 that we tested and loved, featuring a brighter screen, enhanced text clarity, and a removable webcam. As a TV, the M8 comes with all of the go-to streaming apps already built in.

Best business monitor deal

Why we like it

Basically a mini IMAX screen on your desk, this 49-inch beast is the curved ultrawide model in Samsung’s popular ViewFinity S9 series (not to be confused with the flat 27-inch 5K ViewFinity S9, which is still its full price of $1,599.99). The LS49C features a panoramic dual QHD display that can replace your current double-screen rig and declutter your space, plus a 120 Hz refresh rate.

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