SEO drives the web, so get your hands on the tools for understanding what SEO means

TLDR: With SEO Tester Pro, you can instantly get all the analytics you need to understand why your website is performing — or isn’t performing — in Google searches.

Search engine optimization might be one of the most misunderstood factors driving the web today. Currently, almost 93 percent of all web traffic everywhere starts from a Google search

And in case you think social media is now the one true method that grabs attention online these days, you’ll probably be shocked at how vastly wrong you are. No, SEO actually drives over 1,000 percent more traffic than organic social media posts. 

If you don’t know SEO, then you likely don’t know how much it matters. And if you’re doing anything on the web, shouldn’t you know the rules of the game that pushes more than 9 out of 10 web users to their destinations?

With the roster of tools available in The SEO Tester Pro Agency Plan ($29.99 for a lifetime subscription), there won’t be a thing about your website, pages, content, users or even your competitors that won’t have an explanation.

The Plan gathers almost 20 different web analytics tools, allowing you to assess how everything about your pages is working, from your IP and domain to your keywords and links to how social networks are aiding your efforts.

You can check your website’s health status in an instant, run tests with full suggestions for making your site and content more SEO friendly, and analyze all your metrics, including your titles, descriptions, keywords, tags and more.

You’ll also have access to a whole swath of tools you probably never realized you needed, but soon won’t be able to live without. Armed with an email encoder-decoder, a metatag generator, a plagiarism checking, a URL shortener and more, you’ll have the abilities to immediately respond to all your newfound SEO knowledge.

And these tools don’t just turn the spotlight on you and your website. They also gather details about all your visitors. With a few handy reports, you can know where each of your customers calls home, where they go on your site, what kind of devices and apps they use and a whole bunch more to help you better craft a message that sticks. You’ll even be able to use these tools to mine valuable data on other sites, including Alexa stats, social media data and more.

Each one of these tools is immensely valuable, and with this package, you can get each for life for less than $2. A lifetime of SEO Tester Pro Agency Plan access is now just $29.99, hundreds off its regular price. Or you can sample SEO Tester Pro on a more introductory basis with a one-year subscription for only $19.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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