The Litter-Robot is worth the $499 to never scoop cat poop again

Ask any person living with cats about the worst part of their cohabitation, and their answer will likely relate to scooping litter. It sucks, especially in a multi-cat home, and even more so in a small apartment.

Then I got my hands on the Litter-Robot 3 Connect. Long story short: it has been an absolute game-changer for my home, and I can’t imagine ever going back to a regular old litter box. Even if the $499 price ($449 for the wi-fi-less version) is a tough pill to swallow, the convenience of almost never having to think about litter is worth it.

I took my time before writing this review because I wanted to make sure the experience actually held up over an extended period. It’s been four months since I received my unit, and with regular usage by two cats, it’s largely been smooth sailing since.

I should add the disclaimer that I have not tested any other automated litter boxes. I chose to try the Litter-Robot due to the length of time it’s been on the market, but I can’t tell you whether the Litter-Robot is the best such device. I also can’t guarantee your cats will get used to it. I can only confirm that in my home, it’s performed its job with aplomb.

If you haven’t seen a Litter-Robot in action, here’s how it works:

  • Add clumping litter into the basin.
  • Wait for your cat to poop or pee.
  • After 7 minutes (or 3 or 15 minutes, depending on your settings), watch as the Litter Robot’s ‘globe’ rotates to sift through the litter and then dumps clumps of pee and poop into a receptacle bag underneath the globe.
  • About once or twice a week, depending on how many cats you have, dump out the collected litter and add fresh litter to the machine.
  • Clean the globe (not as hard as it seems) and replace the carbon filter every few months.

This official video might make it clearer:

Despite the marketing talk, the promises above largely reflect my own experience.

I’d learned of the Litter-Robot shortly after we adopted our first cat (Parsnip, a languorously loveable lapcat), but had largely dismissed it for its price. After getting our second cat (Pomeline, a fabulous fireball of a feline) and moving to a smaller apartment, my girlfriend and I thought we could use a break from all the scooping (have I mentioned scooping is no fun?).

Be warned: this thing is huge, and more so if you get the optional ramp (Parsnip is an old man and needs a little help). The Litter-Robot takes up a massive footprint compared to a regular litter box. But in practice, this ended up being less of an issue than I thought it would be.